A Toxic New Religion

Understanding the Postmodern, Neo-Marxist Faith that Seeks to Destroy the Judeo-Christian Culture of the West
Make no mistake: This new ideology is deadly serious. It is nothing less than a kind of cultural acid, eating away at the central pillars of a free and…

My Place in HIStory

Discover Your Calling
BY DARROW MILLER God loves individuality and has made the universe with incredible diversity. There is no one else like you. God made you for a unique purpose for…


Developing a Biblical Theology of Vocation
BY DARROW MILLER LifeWork: Developing a Biblical Theology of Vocation is a downloadable workbook that contains a narrative as well as a series of vocation-related Bible studies and exercises that will…

LifeWork Small-Group Bible Study

By Darrow Miller © 2009, Disciple Nations Alliance The LifeWork Small-Group Bible Study is a 12-lesson, free, downloadable Bible study booklet developed as a companion to Darrow Miller’s LifeWork: A…

Seed Projects Overview and Planning Guide

Adapted from If Jesus Were Mayor by Bob Moffitt (2006, Monarch Books), chapter 13: “Seed Project Planning.” “Seed Projects” are small-scale, wholistic outreach initiatives through which local churches demonstrate God’s love…

Truth and Community Transformation

Foundational Principles for Distinctively Biblical Community Development
Scott Allen, Editor © 2003, Disciple Nations Alliance Today, “community development” has largely become a secularized industry, one that views poverty as socially or structurally caused, and whose solutions…

The Forest in the Seed

A Biblical Perspective on Resources and Development
By Scott Allen and Darrow Miller © 2006, Disciple Nations Alliance In The Forest in the Seed, Scott Allen and Darrow Miller set out to answer these questions: What…


The Calling of Every Christian
By Darrow Miller © 2009, Disciple Nations Alliance (Revised) Humanity has always been seduced by a desire to compete and succeed at the cost of others. A “great person”…

Against All Hope

Hope for Africa
By Darrow Miller with Scott Allen © 2005, Disciple Nations Alliance Africa has been mightily blessed. Her natural resources make her the wealthiest of the world’s seven continents. She…

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