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Biblical Worldview

The Silence on Worldview and Human Flourishing

Why do some individuals and communities flourish, and others do not? This is an extremely important question. The well-being of individuals and families and nations hinges on its answer. It

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Biblical Worldview

What’s the purpose of education?

If someone asked you, “What’s the purpose of education?” what would you say? Christian Overman posed this important question in his blog. You may be surprised by his answer. Christian

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Cultural Transformation

School vs Education

In September 2013 Darrow Miller published a blog post—”School vs. Education: The Difference Matters”—that immediately jumped to the #1 position at and stayed there.  We clearly hit a nerve

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Counterfeit Stories

Turbulent Waters Ahead

“Stop Being Shocked” is a must-read article by Bari Weiss, recently published at Tablet. Weiss is a former opinion editor and writer at the New York Times. She was forced

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