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Global Forum Speakers & Schedule

Dear Friend, Please consider attending the upcoming DNA Global Forum. It will be a great time of learning from experienced teachers, sharing stories and encouraging …

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Book Launch Concert: A Call for Balladeers

As I have traveled around the world, I have been convicted about the need for Christian artists to intentionally and prophetically speak to their nations …

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A Statement from the Disciple Nations Alliance on the Historic Overruling of Roe v. Wade

As human beings, we possess the right to life and liberty as gifts from God. To their everlasting credit, the U.S. Founding Fathers acknowledged this …

Biblical WorldviewHuman Flourishing

Peterson & Mangalwadi: India, Europe and the Biblical Revolution

Many of you know DNA’s long-time friend, Vishal Mangalwadi. Some of you had the privilege of learning from him at our Global Forum in Panama …

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Forum Registration, New Content, Spanish Book + More

We have some exciting new resources to share with you coming from our DNA family. We urge you to read about all of them and then …

Human Flourishing

Freedom: Where Does It Come From?

What does it take to sustain freedom? Freedom isn’t the natural condition of fallen human beings. Our default setting is bondage, either internally through various …

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Ukraine Response: An Update

In our March 18 newsletter, we announced an opportunity to join our DNA friend, Ana Santos, in responding to the needs of refugees at the …

Biblical WorldviewHuman Flourishing

Healing Our Broken Nations by Discipling “Redemptive Change Agents”

In his important new book, Developing Redemptive Change Agents: Discipleship that Helps Nations Flourish Rather than Flounder (Wilberforce Press, December 2021), Robert Osburn deals with …

Biblical WorldviewHuman Flourishing

The Silence on Worldview and Human Flourishing

Why do some individuals and communities flourish, and others do not? This is an extremely important question. The well-being of individuals and families and nations …

Biblical Worldview

Ten Things Every Christian Should Know About Social Justice Ideology

NOTE: This article was requested by a sister ministry organization RenewANation which is working on biblical education reform in the United States. While the article …

Biblical Worldview

When Singleness is Your Station in the Grand Design

In a few days we will be releasing a new video training series featuring Darrow Miller called The Grand Design: Rediscovering Male and Female as …

Biblical Worldview

What’s the purpose of education?

If someone asked you, “What’s the purpose of education?” what would you say? Christian Overman posed this important question in his blog. You may be …


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