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Enjoyment: The Fruit of “Being Fruitful”

The English language has been influenced by Latin. A large number of English words have their roots in either classical or medieval Latin language. One …

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2023 Annual Report

I’m excited to share with you our 2023 Annual Report. We praise God for the many ways He has used the ministry of the Disciple …

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Life-changing training now in Swahili, too

Disciple Nations Alliance is pleased to announce Swahili as a featured language for our free online training. Do you know someone who could benefit from this training in Swahili? …

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Year-End Reflections from Our President

I’ve often wondered why the biblical worldview teaching of Disciple Nations Alliance finds such a receptive audience in Africa, Latin America, and South Asia but …

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Your gift, per Kisiya, provides a missing link

Aired Kisiya of Tanzania is a local missionary who says DNA’s training is a missing link. Before DNA’s training, Kisiya recalls not knowing anything about …

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Can you help? Morocco Earthquake Relief

At Disciple Nations Alliance, we will always work on behalf of long-term change, empowering those with whom we serve to create sustainable solutions for community …

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We desperately need balladeers

But if the church does not disciple the nations, the nations will disciple the church. Darrow Miller Tweet Balladeers are an essential part of discipling …

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What is a balladeer?

You may be wondering, “What is a balladeer?” To answer that question, here is an excerpt from Chapter 3 of Darrow Miller’s newly released A Call for …

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UPDATED — Coram Deo: The Online Training School of Disciple Nations Alliance

We have an exciting announcement! The online training school of Disciple Nations Alliance has been remodeled at to provide you with an improved experience …


Worldview Reflections: Hindrances to Flourishing (3 of 3)

In a reflection on Revelation 21:23-26, DNA co-founder Darrow Miller shares about God’s love for the nations and the splendor that the nations will bring …


Worldview Reflections: Hindrances to Flourishing (2 of 3)

Two weeks ago, I shared the first part of a helpful paper from Kingdomizer Garry Tissingh, who has served in Senegal and traveled widely across Africa. …


Worldview Reflections: Hindrances to Flourishing (1 of 3)

I recently received a paper of personal reflections from Kingdomizer Garry Tissingh, who has served in Senegal and traveled widely across Africa. This paper shares …


The Transforming Story

Christ's ultimate return will end our world's ongoing conflict between two kingdoms, one of light and one of darkness. In the meantime, what is our mission as Christians in the...
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God With Us: A Biblical Worldview Curriculum for Young People

Overview The God With Us curriculum is designed for youth, connecting them with life-giving truths and relevant life skills from the book of Genesis, and equipping them to face the...
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