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The Disciple Nations Alliance is an ever-expanding network of believers across the globe. See how you can get involved!

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One of the most effective ways you can support the work of the Disciple Nations Alliance is through a financial gift.

Join the Kingdomizer Network

A Kingdomizer advances the truth, goodness, and beauty of God’s Kingdom in the world in which they live. The Kingdomizer Network is for those who have been deeply impacted by DNA’s teaching. These individuals want to continue growing deeper in their understanding and join other like-minded Kingdomizers around the world to learn together, dream, strategize, organize, and more effectively disciple the nations.

Why join the Kingdomizer Network?


Get early notice and access to special training offered by DNA staff and global trainers.

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Receive discounts and early-release access to books, training and curricula.


Receive invites and join Kingdomizers across the globe for regional and global forums.

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Get special updates from the DNA and hear encouraging testimonies from other Kingdomizers.


Join other like-minded Kingdomizers around the world to learn together, strategize, and more effectively disciple the nations.


The Kingdomizer Network is for those who have been deeply impacted by the DNA’s teaching and desire to advance in their Kingdom calling. This means you have actively engaged with DNA teaching content through a book, or online training, or podcast series, or video series. Furthermore, you have been impacted by it in a way
that you want to go further in understanding and living out the biblical worldview and your Kingdom calling.

As a Kingdomizer you can expect to continue receiving general notices from the DNA of resources and news but in addition you will periodically receive special notification of new training opportunities, book releases and discounts, and invitations to events.

There is no cost for joining the Kingdomizer Network other than a commitment and desire to grow in your Kingdom calling.

Joining is easy.

The Kingdomizer Network is 100% free and designed to equip and connect Kingdomizers across the globe. 


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