LifeWork Reading Guide: Questions to Guide You

Click here to view or download the free LifeWork Study Guide. This study guide provides questions to help you reflect and apply the content you are reading in each…

AMO Worldview Curriculum

The AMO® Program, published by Chrysalis International, is both an enriched curriculum for children and Christian worldview courses for the adults who disciple them. The DNA was influential in its…

The Remarkable Role of the Bible in Early American Education

BY DR. ELIZABETH YOUMANS The Bible profoundly affected the practice of education in colonial America, from grammar school through university studies. Dr. Youmans’ excellent treatment of the subject includes…

My Place in HIStory

Discover Your Calling
BY DARROW MILLER God loves individuality and has made the universe with incredible diversity. There is no one else like you. God made you for a unique purpose for…

LifeWork Study

Developing a Biblical Theology of Vocation
BY DARROW MILLER LifeWork: Developing a Biblical Theology of Vocation is a downloadable PDF workbook (84 pages) that contains a narrative as well as a series of vocation-related Bible studies…

I, Pencil

BY LEONARD E. READ This essay illustrates the principle of how human innovation, demand and freedom to produce, combined with the market, creates products and services that benefit millions….

Why Education?

BY CHRISTIAN OVERMAN Why do so many Christians fail to see the connection between the Bible and their work? As Dr. Christian Overman points out in this powerful article,…

The Education that Leads to Freedom

BY DARROW MILLER A nation cannot be discipled without equipped citizens. Only an education founded on a biblical worldview can impart that equipping. The Puritans developed a comprehensive and…

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