Disciple nations alliance

Restoring, healing, and blessing

Our Emphasis

Jesus is King, and His primary agenda is to advance the Kingdom of God by discipling all nations. The key agent in this task is the local church, ministering wholistically and incarnationally, and operating intentionally from a biblical worldview.

Our Foundation

Here are the seven foundational truths and seven operating principles at the heart of the Disciple Nations Alliance.​

Our Strategy

Biblical truth and love has the power to change the world from the inside-out. It transforms lives, builds flourishing communities, and disciple nations.

Our Team

The DNA is a volunteer-driven network of servant leaders from all over the world. Meet our leadership team, board members, and more.

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Local Networks

Teams of national Christian leaders organized to carry out the mission of the DNA locally. Please feel free to contact these people directly.

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DNA affiliate organizations embrace the mission, core truths, and values of the DNA and actively advance the mission through their organizations.

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Global Forum

A gathering of kingdomizers, affiliated organizations and leaders of DNA networks from all corners of the globe.

Statement of Faith

The DNA adheres to a Statement of Faith, which is based upon the Lausanne Covenant in order to highlight certain essential doctrines that are foundational to our mission.

Our History

The Disciple Nations Alliance began in 1997 as a joint initiative of Food for the Hungry and the Harvest Foundation to envision and equip local churches worldwide to fulfill their strategic, God-given roles in the transformation of communities and nations.

The DNA began by promoting a “school of thought” centered on the power of Biblical truth for cultural transformation, the strategic role of the church in society, and the importance of wholistic, incarnational ministry.

This school of thought initially was spread through five-day Vision Conferences which featured the teaching of DNA co-founders Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt. The first Vision Conference was held in Lima, Peru in 1997. Fewer than two years later, Vision Conferences had been conducted in Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, and Ethiopia. Since then, hundreds of Vision Conferences have occurred in more than 60 nations throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

As the Vision Conference spread, local leaders emerged with a passion to spread the training in their own communities and nations. Today, local, self-governing DNA networks exist in more than 45 countries, including a prominent pan-African network called Samaritan Strategy Africa.

DNA books and training materials have been translated into more than 20 languages. Through the DNA, God has impacted thousands of churches, ministry organizations and networks worldwide. As a result, communities and nations have been impacted through countless church-organized wholistic ministry initiatives known as Seed Projects, all conducted with local resources.

Many of these Seed Projects have grown into significant ongoing wholistic ministries with tremendous impact.

In January 2008, the DNA Global Secretariat office was formed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2008, an all-volunteer Global Advisory Team (GAT) composed of key national DNA leaders was established. Together, the GAT and Global Secretariat exist to provide support, coordination and guidance to the worldwide alliance.

Today, the DNA works in cooperation with Food for the Hungry, Harvest Foundation, and a number of other affiliated organizations that have incorporated DNA teaching and ministry models as a part of their programs.

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