Toward a More Effective Great Commission Strategy

Jesus sent us to “make disciples of all nations.” But our track record suggests we are, rather, seeking to “win as many converts as you can.” The results? A…

The Discipline of Love

Bob Moffitt presents a practical tool that will help you grow in the discipline of loving and serving those in your family, church and community. [Video 4 of 4…

Discipleship Requires Discipline

Bob Moffitt discusses our role and God’s role in forming us into the kind of servants who reflect the character of Jesus. [Video 3 of 4 of The Irreducible…

Our Calling to Love and Serve Others

Bob Moffitt shows how God’s very nature is that of a servant, and for us to reflect His image means that we are called to love and serve others…

What Is the Irreducible Minimum?

Bob Moffitt looks at the teachings of Jesus and the Apostle Paul to answer the question: What is the irreducible minimum of God’s intentions for us? What is the…

Biblical Worldview Training At Your Fingertips

Coram Deo is not just another school — we’re a school for discipling nations. Our online courses are accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Designed to help Christians engage their communities in transforming ways, the course library will forever be FREE.


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