Coram Deo: A School for Discipling Nations to launch in April 2014!

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Update: Coram Deo is now LIVE! GO NOW

Coram Deo: A School for Discipling Nations

Watch the preview:

Coram Deo is about living every moment of our lives before the face of God–in his presence, under his authority, and for his glory–whether in the sanctuary, in the home or in the marketplace.

If the Church doesn’t disciple the nation, the nation will disciple the Church. Which do you see happening in your society?

What is this?

Coram Deo is the DNA’s best teaching carefully condensed into a set of video presentations and readings. Application “labs” and authentic discussion with other students make the material come alive as you discover how best to apply what you’ve learned in your own community. Organized into a 12-week interactive course with other students or a self study at your own pace, this is the same teaching you would receive at a five-day Vision Conference, the DNA’s flagship training program.

Who is it for?

Coram Deo is for anyone longing to see more evidence of the kingdom of God in his own nation, city, family, and in his own self. It is for the NGO executive, the stay-at-home parent, the business leader, and the young college grad ready to change the world. We encourage groups of friends or colleagues to study the material together for the richest understanding, but anyone wanting a deeper understanding of her own role in God’s redemptive plan will benefit from this training.

Why should I do it?

In the book of Romans, Paul warns believers not to be conformed to the patterns of the world but to be transformed by the renewing of their minds, then being able to test and approve the good, pleasing, perfect will of God. Our hope is that through this 12-week course, built upon years of study and practice, your mind will be renewed and aligned more closely with God’s will, and your heart will be energized to embrace–in your own sphere of influence–the great task God has given his Church: to make disciples of all nations.

Dr. Brian Fikkert, co-author of When Helping Hurts:

“I’m really excited about this series because we’re going to be getting into: What are the deep-seated worldview issues we’ve got to address if we’re going to make a lasting change in our churches and the communities in which we’re working?”

Join this movement of church-based social and cultural transformation.

Click here for more details on Coram Deo, and stay tuned for its official launch this April!

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