Is It a Seed Project?

Bob Moffitt provides several examples of ministry efforts and asks if they qualify as “Seed Projects.” Do they fit the purpose, definition and 10 characteristics of Seed Projects?  He…

Ten Characteristics

Bob Moffitt discusses the 10 characteristics of Seed Projects which are small, short-term ministries by believers, done with local resources as a demonstration of Christ’s love to those outside…

Purpose, Definition and Key Benefits

Bob Moffitt introduces a simple application tool called “Seed Projects” that small groups of Christians can use to begin to demonstrate Christ’s love to those in the community. Bob…

Seeds and Seed Projects

BY BOB MOFFITT God multiplies small actions (seeds) of obedience to extend his kingdom. Seed Projects are an effective way for a local church to express God’s love to…

Seed Projects Overview and Planning Guide

Adapted from If Jesus Were Mayor by Bob Moffitt (2006, Monarch Books), chapter 13: “Seed Project Planning.” “Seed Projects” are small-scale, wholistic outreach initiatives through which local churches demonstrate God’s love…

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