Evangelical Gnosticism

LifeWork Reading Guide: Questions to Guide You

Click here to view or download the free LifeWork Study Guide. This study guide provides questions to help you reflect and apply the content you are reading in each…

The Rise of Evangelical Gnosticism

Darrow Miller discusses how the Church was affected by the increasingly dominant secular worldview in the West. Some church leaders sought to adapt to the reigning secular worldview; others…

A Brief History of the Divided Mind and Life

BY SCOTT ALLEN The false division between the sacred and the secular has done much to debilitate the world-changing impact God intended for the Church. In this article adapted…

The Lordship of Christ Over All of Life

BY BARRY SEAGREN The first of our seven DNA Foundational Truths is the Lordship of Christ. As pastor Barry Seagren says in this powerful sermon, “This is one of those things…

The Power of an Undivided Life

BY SCOTT ALLEN In this article, Scott Allen shows how the Biblical concept of wholism holds the power to free us from a debilitating mental dualism and can enable…

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