Discipling Nations: A Critique and Response

BY DARROW MILLER A Christian brother published a “sympathetic critique” of Darrow Miller’s book Discipling Nations. He raised issues about Disciple Nations Alliance teaching that have been noted by others…

What Is a “Biblical Worldview”?

BY SCOTT ALLEN Disciple Nations Alliance president Scott Allen unpacks what we mean when we say “biblical worldview” and why this concept is so important for the Church to…

The Future of Evangelicals in Mission: Will We Regain the Vision of Our Forefathers in the Faith?

BY RALPH D. WINTER In this seminal 2007 article, renowned missiologist Ralph D. Winter provides an insightful overview of 300 years of missions history. He argues that the evangelical…

Culture: Where the Physical and Spiritual Converge

BY DARROW MILLER “God made humankind to be culture makers, and it matters hugely what kind of culture we create. Whatever our vocation, whatever domain we are called to,…

The Rise, Reduction, and Recovery of Kingdom Mission, 1800-2000

BY RALPH D. WINTER This is an important revised and expanded edition of the late Ralph Winter’s 2007 article “The Future of Evangelicals in Mission.” In this article, Winter…

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