Made to Flourish

A Biblical Map for Youth Toward an Expansive Horizon

Made to Flourish is a study series for youth that looks at God’s plan for human development. It focuses on the foundational principles God set at Creation for human beings to flourish.

The twenty-one studies help parents, teachers and youth pastors build or reinforce the foundation blocks of the Christian worldview for youth. Each study also fosters the application of these truths by the young person in real-life situations. This curriculum was originally designed and taught to young people aged 12-14 years. But it can be adapted to serve different age groups. It can also be used in different contexts such as the home for family devotionals, the Bible component in a homeschool curriculum and a discipleship series for youth ministries.

The lessons were originally presented in 20 minutes but can be lengthened up to 40 minutes as time allows.

Our hope and prayer is that this material will help raise a generation of Christians who will find not only a treasure map for flourishing in life but more importantly, will find the Kingdom and the King – who calls us to be ‘kings and queens’ under him.

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