Environmentalism, Transhumanism, and Your Life’s Worth (Part 2 of 2)

False worldviews can have devastating consequences on human life. Join us as we breakdown two prominent Western worldviews, Anthroprecence Anti-Humanism (extreme environmentalism) and Transhumanism and explore their implications….

Why We Do What We Do

The purpose of Disciple Nations Alliance is to help the Church rise to her full potential as God’s principal agent in restoring, healing, and blessing broken nations….


Disciple Nations Alliance has done work all over the world, influencing lives and promoting human flourishing. Here are just some of the stories of the impact of biblical worldview….

Discipling Nations: A Critique and Response

BY DARROW MILLER A Christian brother published a “sympathetic critique” of Darrow Miller’s book Discipling Nations. He raised issues about Disciple Nations Alliance teaching that have been noted by others…

Toward a More Effective Great Commission Strategy

Jesus sent us to “make disciples of all nations.” But our track record suggests we are, rather, seeking to “win as many converts as you can.” The results? A…

Cry Freedom: Principles for Nation Building

Free, just and thriving nations are like fruitful trees. To flourish, they require the right conditions and the right soil. What are the conditions that give rise to such…

The Unique Role of the Local Church in Developing a Flourishing Community

BY DWIGHT VOGT This paper is addressed to those who have a heart to bring hope and healing to broken communities and believe that the local church has an…

The Gospel Is to Penetrate and Reform Culture

Darrow Miller explains that evangelism and gospel proclamation are not the end goals of the Great Commission but rather the vital first steps in discipling nations. The goal is…

The Role of the Artist in Discipling Nations

Darrow Miller explains how ideas shape culture. The process often begins with a small group of intellectuals whose ideas are picked up by artists. As they create film and…

Worldviews Shape Our Lives and Our Cultures

Darrow Miller explains how our worldviews shape our values and behaviors and how our behaviors have consequences for our lives, families and society. He describes how worldviews spread around…

The Task and the Return of the King

Darrow Miller concludes his chapter-by-chapter unpacking of The Transforming Story by examining the Great Commission and the task of the Church to disciple nations. At the end of the…

Possessing the Kingdom (Part 2)

BY HEIN VAN WYK Out of the 40 parables Jesus taught to his disciples and to others within earshot, 18 specifically were about the kingdom. In the four gospels,…

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