Living the Kingdom Life

12 truths to guide you into God’s good design for life
Put the biblical worldview into practice with this small group Bible study and its integrated teaching videos! Individually or with a group, you will discover unconscious lies and prepare to replace them with central truths that enable you to see and live life as God designed.  Check out these lesson titles:
  1. The Great Challenge of Dualism
  2. Dualism is Not Biblical
  3. God’s Kingdom — The Answer to Dualism
  4. Work is a Blessing from God — Not a Curse
  5. It’s Your Time to Engage in God’s Plan
  6. Rule Over Creation
  7. Be Fruitful
  8. Build a Kingdom Culture with God’s Truth
  9. Miracle vs. Process
  10. What is the Kingdom of God?
  11. The Challenge of Postmodernism
  12. The Process — Discipleship
Thanks to Arturo Cuba, along with Claudia Bonilla and Ariel Figueroa, for this excellent study!
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