Redemptive Agriculture: Working the Land God Entrusted to Us

BY DAVID EVANS “Redemptive Agriculture: Working the Land God Entrusted to Us” is a curriculum developed by David Evans and produced by Food for the Hungry, Inc. It has been…

Ten Biblical Principles for Agricultural Development

BY DAVID EVANS “Ten Biblical Principles for Agricultural Development”, by David Evans, is an effort to help people involved in agriculture around the world to better understand the role…

Biblical Holism and Agriculture: Cultivating Our Roots

BY DAVID EVANS, RONALD VOS, AND KEITH WRIGHT “Biblical Holism and Agriculture: Cultivating Our Roots” is a collection of essays that address the urgent need for constructing a holistic biblical…

Agriculture and the Kingdom of God

BY DARROW MILLER In this paper, Darrow Miller lays out a Biblical theology for sustainable agriculture and creation care. Originally published in the 2003 book Biblical Holism and Agriculture:…

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