Biblical Holism and Agriculture: Cultivating Our Roots

“Biblical Holism and Agriculture: Cultivating Our Roots” is a collection of essays that address the urgent need for constructing a holistic biblical perspective in order to appraise the economic, social, ecological, environmental and spiritual impact of globalization and the negative unprecedented impact of powerful agricultural technologies and marketing systems. Holistic biblical perspectives reference ancient Hebrew insights about responsible freedom for “keeping” the land by people created in the image of God as representatives commissioned to stewardship and justice.
The authors of these essays worked independently, yet there emerges in their writings a consistent identification of elements of biblical wisdom about stewardship in the care of creation and references of the prophetic traditions about social critique.
This work takes us to a new biblical paradigm about the values of healthy ecosystem functions and human community needs. It points to a new agenda for research, testing and modification. It suggests a new dimension of Christian discipleship.

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