Understanding the Battle of Worldviews with Dr. Jeff Myers

“If you don’t understand the battle of worldviews, you can’t really understand anything.” This statement from today’s guest, Dr. Jeff Myers, summarizes the episode well. Dr. Myers, president of…

Shifts in Journalism that Left Behind Objectivity and the Bible with Dr. Marvin Olasky

Increasingly, news culture pushes stories that advance their agenda from writers sitting behind a desk. Gone are the days when reporters would get onto the street to reveal the…

Needed! Boldness and Discernment in an Era of Distortion

Are we losing sight of truth in a culture smothered by falsehoods? Even within the church, according to Barna, 41% of American Christians believe that the only truth a…

Confronting Disunity: The Road Less Traveled Towards Unity and Truth

Over the past two decades, Disciple Nations Alliance has brought together groups from various nations, cultures, denominations, languages, and traditions and watched as God brings unity to diverse people…

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