Confronting Disunity: The Road Less Traveled Towards Unity and Truth

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Over the past two decades, Disciple Nations Alliance has brought together groups from various nations, cultures, denominations, languages, and traditions and watched as God brings unity to diverse people through a biblical worldview. While the world needs to see a unified Church under the lordship of Christ, it often sees the church bickering and divided instead. Our cultural climate is full of ideological differences, reactivity, and societal fractures. Let’s not be of the world. Let’s discover together how we can take the road less traveled and focus on God’s path of truth and love toward unity. Join us in this thought-provoking conversation, and let’s navigate these divisive times together.

What You'll Hear
  1. Introduction (1:22)
  2. United under a common vision (17:27)
  3. Is today’s church division deeper than a theological divide? (27:11)
  4. How does the Bible instruct us to seek unity? (57:25)
  5. Final thoughts and takeaways (1:15:25)

Using the link above, you can read the transcript, listen along, and adjust the speed of the podcast while you listen.

"Ultimately, unity has to be built around truth at the level of these fundamental questions; there just can't be unity apart from it."

Scott Allen (56:06)

  • 24:11 “We in the United States today are massively divided on the worldview level. From the Judeo-Christian worldview on one hand, to an atheistic worldview on the other. And that works its way out, all the way down from the worldview level, to the principles that we operate our lives by, to people who we vote for, and to government policies. All of those things are ultimately rooted in a divide at the worldview level.” Darrow

  • 27:39 “As Christians, we tend to think in kind of a divisive way theologically. We want to put people into theological camps. Are you a Calvinist or are you Arminian? Do you believe in the kingdom, is it relevant for now or the future?… And I think that’s the way we tend to interact, but it’s very divisive, right? You know, because you’re in that box, I’m not in this box, and we can’t really talk to each other. But there’s another way of thinking as Christians, and that is to say, yeah, those things are important, but there’s a lot more fundamental things that we have in common. We should focus on the basic truths of Christianity first. There is a God we’re fallen, we’re made in His image,… you know, some of these basic things that we can all agree on. Our stance should be, before we get into the things that are questionable, let’s affirm the things that unite us in these more basic truths.” Scott

  • 35:59 “It’s so ironic, right, this new social justice movement talks a lot about DEI, the DEI training, diversity, equity and inclusion, so they like this word diversity, but just as Darrow said it’s a false idea of diversity. Because unless you toe the ideology to a tee, you’re out, right? There is no room for diversity.” Scott

  • 55:46 “We can confidently say that to abandon truth is to abandon goodness and abandon beauty… Ultimately, when you start abandoning the truth, somebody’s gonna get hurt.” Dwight

  • 56:06 “Ultimately, unity has to be built around truth at the level of these fundamental questions, there just can’t be unity apart from it.” Scott

  • 1:10:39 Do you have to think exactly like me for us to be in unity? Or is there somehow in this command of love–a place to create unity in our differences? And I’ll love you towards what I think is true. But somehow the unity comes from my commitment to love. Love is at the core of unity. Dwight

  • 1:11:26 “You can love somebody that you fundamentally disagree with. But that doesn’t mean that they’re going to change; they may not. But the love part means I’m not going to close the door. Right? If you choose to close it, I can’t do anything about that; I don’t control you, but I’m not going to do it. Why, because I choose to love you.” Scott
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