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Adapted from If Jesus Were Mayor by Bob Moffitt (2006, Monarch Books), chapter 13: “Seed Project Planning.”

“Seed Projects” are small-scale, wholistic outreach initiatives through which local churches demonstrate God’s love in practical ways to those in their community. Rather than one-time, whole-church, staff-initiated outreach programs, Seed Projects are designed to be carried out on an ongoing basis by church members in the context of families or small-groups. They work particularly well for churches with an active small-group, neighborhood focused approach to ministry.

Pastors equip church members to identify needs in their communities and use the Seed Projects Planning Guide to thoughtfully and intentionally take action.

The goal is for wholistic outreach to become part of the ongoing life of the church body. Individual church members are equipped and empowered to do the work of ministry.

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Seed Projects

Overview and Planning Guide

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