Biblical Prosperity Without The Heresy

Prosperity and flourishing are part of God’s beautiful plan for His people, and his desire for nations. But trials, tribulations, and persecutions are also a reality in our fallen…

Christianity vs. Science

Is Christianity opposed to science, as we often hear from teachers, professors, and the scientific elite? Or are certain core biblical principles actually at the foundation of science? At…

From Celebrity Makeup to Disciple Maker

Jessica Shakir shares how God used unexpected circumstances to help her discover the source of lasting joy for her life. Leaving behind her work as a Hollywood makeup artist,…

New Year’s Resolutions are Dead

Today on Ideas Have Consequences, we talk about how decreasing popularity of New Year’s Resolutions actually reveals how our culture thinks about success and victimhood….

Environmentalism, Transhumanism, and Your Life’s Worth (Part 2 of 2)

False worldviews can have devastating consequences on human life. Join us as we breakdown two prominent Western worldviews, Anthroprecence Anti-Humanism (extreme environmentalism) and Transhumanism and explore their implications….

The Birth of Christ & the Sanctity of Life (Part 1 of 2)

Christ’s birth implicates the immense worth of human life, which must change our thoughts and form our actions toward others. While our culture continues to move further from its…

Feminist Turned Homemaker with Naomi Smith

Naomi Smith was a Modern Feminist who thought a woman’s value came from the workplace and from being like a man. After having her first child, however, Naomi realized…

You Can Disciple Your Nation!

Today on Ideas Have Consequences, we explore God’s call to us to disciple our nations, and how that inside-out process works….

Cultural Relativism in Missions with Gary Brumbelow

Gary Brumbelow was a missionary working with indigenous peoples in Canada, Alaska, and Siberia. He saw churches planted and many come to Christ, but was plagued with a nagging…

Discipling Culture Through the Arts: With Jeremiah and Mona Enna

Meet Jeremiah and Mona Enna, leaders who use ballet to influence culture. They focus not just on making “Christian” art, but on making excellent art. Their lives help us…

Work and Loving Your Neighbor with Ena Richards

We all know we are supposed to love our neighbors, but how can we do that well? Ena Richards, a speaker at the recent DNA Global Forum, breaks down…

Unity in Christ Before Ethnicity with Jessie Gistand

Today on Ideas Have Consequences, we interview Pastor Jesse, a Black Pastor in California who has been on the front-lines against Critical Theory and Marxism. We explore his history…

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