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Against All Hope

Hope for Africa
This book examines the situation in Africa today from the vantage point of a distinctively biblical worldview.  It argues that true hope for transformation lies with the rapidly expanding African…

Recovering Our Mission

Making God's Invisible Kingdom Visible
Jesus commanded his followers to make disciples of all nations. This Great Commission is central to the existence of the church in every generation. Why? Because if the church…

As the Family Goes, So Goes the Nation

Principles and Practices for Building Healthy Families
Healthy families produce healthy nations. Healthy families are those united by a solid spiritual foundation in Christ. Today, the prevailing culture has redefined marriage and family, and its habits…

If Jesus Were Mayor

How God Can Use Your Church to Transform Your Community
The local church is of pivotal importance to the welfare and development of its community. Jesus’ agenda for community health and transformation is expressed and modeled through His church….


The Calling of Every Christian
Humanity has always been seduced by a desire to compete and succeed at the cost of others. A “great person” is the one with the most servants. Yet Jesus…

The Call

Finding and Fulfilling God’s Purpose for Your Life
Why am I here? What is God’s call in my life? How do I fit God’s call with my own individuality? How should God’s calling affect my career, my…

The Renovation of the Heart

Putting on the Character of Christ
As Christians, we know that we are new creations in Jesus. So we try to act differently, hoping this will make us more like Him. But changing our outward…

Rethinking Social Justice

Restoring Biblical Compassion
“Darrow Miller and his colleagues strip away the ideological baggage that the term social justice has acquired over time to reveal its heart: compassion that is firmly rooted in…

The Forest in the Seed

A Biblical Perspective on Resources and Development
The transformation of impoverished communities requires resources, yet our worldview determines our vision for what resources we have and which are most important. The Bible reveals God as the…

Made to Flourish

God’s Design for all Individuals, Communities, and Nations
We all want to progress and see life get better. We wake up in the morning and hope today is better than yesterday. Whether we’re talking about individuals or…


The Way to Human Flourishing
Wisdom, the Way to Human Flourishing is an invitation to discover the unique purpose for which humans have been made. Whether you are an activist practitioner with a global interest,…

Truth and Transformation

A Manifesto for Ailing Nations
We live in times marked by much confusion and apprehension. In this landmark book, international scholar and author Vishal Mangalwadi offers a radical vision for the gospel’s power to…

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