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The Church as a Window

BY BOB MOFFITT God’s intent is to bring healing and restoration to this broken world yet, as Bob Moffitt explains in this article, all too often, the Church is…

God’s Big Agenda

BY BOB MOFFITT God’s agenda is the spiritual regeneration of mankind and the reconciliation of “all things.” Wonderful things happen when churches respond to God’s larger agenda! However, far…

Seeds and Seed Projects

BY BOB MOFFITT God multiplies small actions (seeds) of obedience to extend his kingdom. Seed Projects are an effective way for a local church to express God’s love to…

Worldview and Art: A Call for Balladeers

BY DARROW MILLER, written in 2003 and updated in 2020. “Where does the impulse for human creativity come from? What are the implications of this impulse for Christians who have…

England Before and After Wesley

BY DONALD DREW In this paper, Professor Donald Drew summarizes the monumental volume by J.W. Bready titled England Before and After Wesley, published in 1939. It provides a detailed…

Culture: Where the Physical and Spiritual Converge

BY DARROW MILLER “God made humankind to be culture makers, and it matters hugely what kind of culture we create. Whatever our vocation, whatever domain we are called to,…

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