The Forest in the Seed PowerPoint presentation

The Forest in the Seed (also a DNA book) is a powerful teaching that helps people see beyond the closed-system economic mentality of materialistic cultures. It offers a biblical…

Kingdom Mathematics

BY BOB MOFFITT This is an excerpt (chapter 11) from If Jesus Were Mayor. Kingdom Mathematics acknowledges that: When we give our weakness to God, He multiplies it. He turns…

I, Pencil

BY LEONARD E. READ This essay illustrates the principle of how human innovation, demand and freedom to produce, combined with the market, creates products and services that benefit millions….

The Surprising Discovery About Those Colonialist, Proselytizing Missionaries

BY ANDREA PALPANT DILLEY IN CHRISTIANITY TODAY MAGAZINE This article from Christianity Today magazine shows how areas where Protestant missionaries had a significant presence in the past are, on…

Great Commission Utilitarianism

BY DARROW MILLER According to Darrow Miller, “philosophic pragmatism” determines that something is valuable if it is functional; it is good if it works! Unfortunately, many Christians have, perhaps…

Reflections on the Global Economic Crisis

BY DARROW MILLER DNA co-founder Darrow Miller responds to the current economic crisis by examining its root causes and urging Christians to return to Biblical virtues of thrift, hard…

CBCT Uganda Story – Women Form Poverty Fighting Groups called “Unity is Strength”

BY JUDITH MURUNGI As an outcome of the Uganda CBCT training done by Transforming Nations Alliance (TNA) in partnership with the Disciple Nations Alliance, women in one district of…

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