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A Dialogue on Racism and Christian Racial Reconciliation — Post 2

Post 2 Dear Andrew and Dennae, Thank you for the thoughtful response. I enjoyed reading it and getting a better sense of your heart. You …

Biblical WorldviewDisciple Nations Alliance News

A Dialogue on Racism and Christian Racial Reconciliation — Response 1

Response 1 from Andrew Stravitz and Dennae Pierre Dear Scott, We appreciate the invitation, thank you for extending it. While there is much required of …

Biblical WorldviewDisciple Nations Alliance News

A Dialogue on Racism, and Christian Racial Reconciliation

In June I published an article titled Race in America: Two Opposing Narratives. One narrative (the seemingly dominant one) emphasizes systemic injustice and institutional racism. …

Counterfeit Stories

Marxism in a New Guise

In my new book  Why Social Justice Is Not Biblical Justice: An Urgent Appeal to Fellow Christians in a Time of Social Crisis I explore …

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What is Justice?

Is this justice? Conformity to God’s moral standard as revealed in the Ten Commandments and the Royal Law: “love your neighbor as yourself.” Justice involves …

Biblical Worldview

Tim Keller’s Strong Warning Against Postmodern Critical Theory

About two weeks ago, Tim Keller published an article titled A Biblical Critique of Secular Justice and Critical Theory in a series he is writing …

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Black Lives Matter and Reflections on Racism

Darrow’s never again story from Ghana In a dark dungeon I stood with a broken heart on centuries-old dry excrement. I was visiting the Cape …

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Race in America: Two Opposing Narratives

The horrific murder of George Floyd on May 25 by a police officer in Minneapolis has renewed a sincere cry from many evangelical leaders, pastors …

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The Corona Virus and the Creation Mandate

Like you and the rest of the world, my dear wife and I have been wondering aloud about the Coronavirus — when it will end, …

Biblical Worldview

COVID 19 An Opportunity To Demonstrate Compassion

How should Christians and Christian churches respond to the global Covid-19 pandemic? I’d like to encourage us to see this crisis as an opportunity unlike …

Kingdomizer Stories

Coram Deo Impact In Rwanda

“I began with Coram Deo, and this impacted me beyond what I can explain. I came to know the right mindset.  I came to realize …

Transform Your World

New video: The Normal Church.  

We can do this! This is the reaction we hope Christians around the world have when they see the stories of “normal” church members in …


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