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Disciple Nations Alliance News

How Darrow Blogs in Spanish

Over the past few years Darrow’s blog on worldview and culture has continued to grow and impact individuals and churches across the world. Thanks to …

website design and worldview
Transform Your World

Website Design and Worldview: A life-changing connection

Website design and worldview exploration – Trinity Education, a DNA worldwide alliance partner, puts these together to provide a high quality advanced-education opportunity to young …

Biblical Worldview

Discipling students at an American university requires creativity and a “foot-stomping tune”

Names have been altered due to sensitivities. “I believe the college campus is the most strategic mission field in the world,” says Brandon, who works …

Kingdomizer Stories

Pastors and church leaders in Honduras are the first to hear Coram Deo in Spanish

In the mountains of Honduras, an hour and a half from the capital, thirty pastors and church leaders sat at wooden tables surrounded by pastel-colored …

Disciple Nations Alliance News

Global Forum 2019 – A great success!

Earlier this month, the Disciple Nations Alliance held its 13th Global Forum. It was our biggest Forum yet, with 150 people from over 30 countries …

Disciple Nations Alliance News

DNA training inspires poetry and education in West Africa (Don’t miss this video!)

DNA members on the Samaritan Strategy team in West Africa have been strategically discipling their community for years. The team is led by Chris Ampadu, …

Wholistic Missions

How can a housing project disciple a nation?

Mongolia is home to approximately three million people. One of them is Disciple Nations Alliance champion Munkhuu Tuvshin. Munkhuu lives in Ulanbataar and is founder …

Disciple Nations Alliance News

“History Repeats Itself” published by World Magazine

There is a lot of discussion right now in the Western evangelicalism around “social justice.” It is something that we’ve done a lot of thinking …

Counterfeit Stories

A Gathering in Argentina leads to transformed hearts and minds

Darrow Miller recently gathered with 19 students and young professionals in Argentina to wrestle with biblical truths. worldview, and culture. These “Gatherings” are a response …

Wholistic Missions

Trafficked: Frágil offers healing and restoration to invisible women

The vision of the DNA is to see local churches practicing sacrificial neighbor-love, meeting spiritual, physical and social needs in their communities. Often, such love …

Disciple Nations Alliance News

Neighborly love is changing hearts in Nepal

Throughout the gospels, Jesus exhorts His disciples to love their neighbors and to live lives of sacrificial service. What does this look like today? One …

Disciple Nations Alliance News

Video: Darrow Miller teaches YWAM students and staff in Kona, and Brazil!

In late October, Darrow spoke to a group of over one thousand students and staff at the Community Night at the University of the Nations …


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