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Many of you know DNA’s long-time friend, Vishal Mangalwadi. Some of you had the privilege of learning from him at our Global Forum in Panama in 2019. He is an excellent example of an intellectual who stands with boldness and grace as he speaks of his personal faith in Christ and the impact of Christianity on nations.

You may have also heard of Jordan Peterson in recent years. Peterson was a leading university professor who left his position as his personal freedoms were increasingly limited within the classroom. As a non-Christian, he began a search for the foundation of free and flourishing individuals and societies. This journey appears to be leading him to Christ. Though he has not yet made a statement of personal faith, he is now calling himself a theist.

I have found Peterson’s journey fascinating and encouraging and have been inspired by the friendship that Vishal has formed with Peterson. I think you will enjoy hearing their recent exchange in the following YouTube video, which received over 100,000 views in its first two days. More videos in their ongoing exchange should be released soon.

Video Description from Jordan Peterson’s YouTube: Vishal Mangalwadi and I discuss the history of India and the role the Bible played in shaping it as a country. We explore the influence of missionaries, India’s caste system, power, the impact of the British empire on slavery, widow burning and infanticide, the revolutionary nature of the distribution of the Bible, and more. Vishal Mangalwadi is a social reformer, political columnist, Indian Christian philosopher, writer, and lecturer. He is the author of 20 books, including The Book that Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization.

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—Video Chapters— 0:00 — Intro 3:18 — Benefits of Christianity 7:25 — The Parable of The Blind Men & the Elephant 8:46 — The Vedas, Quran, and the Bible 13:53 — A Biblical Perspective 19:27 — Truth in the Bible 22:01 — Origins of Language 25:29 — Enlightenment & Revolutionary Effect of the Bible’s Distribution 28:52 — Natural Right 31:53 — The Rule of Law 38:56 — History of India 44:35 — Consequences of the Mughal Empire 49:00 — Caste System, Karma, Non-Evident Equality 52:40 — The Doctrine of Human Equality & Translating the Bible 55:35 — Missionaries in India 58:32 — Exploitation, Slavery, Power 1:01:14 — Conscience & the Soul 1:07:26 — Missionaries as Educators 1:09:15 — The British Empire vs. Slavery 1:17:12 — Language as Discriminatation 1:21:07 — English & Indian Vernacular 1:25:20 — Widow Burning & Infanticide 1:36:20 — Effects of the Biblical Revolution

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