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A Dialogue on Racism and Christian Racial Reconciliation — Response 1

Response 1 from Andrew Stravitz and Dennae Pierre Dear Scott, We appreciate the invitation, thank you for extending it. While there is much required of …

Biblical WorldviewDNA News

A Dialogue on Racism, and Christian Racial Reconciliation

In June I published an article titled Race in America: Two Opposing Narratives. One narrative (the seemingly dominant one) emphasizes systemic injustice and institutional racism. …

Counterfeit Stories

Marxism in a New Guise

In my new book  Why Social Justice Is Not Biblical Justice: An Urgent Appeal to Fellow Christians in a Time of Social Crisis I explore …

Biblical Worldview

What is Justice?

Is this justice? Conformity to God’s moral standard as revealed in the Ten Commandments and the Royal Law: “love your neighbor as yourself.” Justice involves …

Biblical Worldview

Tim Keller’s Strong Warning Against Postmodern Critical Theory

About two weeks ago, Tim Keller published an article titled A Biblical Critique of Secular Justice and Critical Theory in a series he is writing …

Biblical WorldviewDNA News

Black Lives Matter and Reflections on Racism

Darrow’s never again story from Ghana In a dark dungeon I stood with a broken heart on centuries-old dry excrement. I was visiting the Cape …

Biblical Worldview

Race in America: Two Opposing Narratives

The horrific murder of George Floyd on May 25 by a police officer in Minneapolis has renewed a sincere cry from many evangelical leaders, pastors …

Biblical Worldview

The Corona Virus and the Creation Mandate

Like you and the rest of the world, my dear wife and I have been wondering aloud about the Coronavirus — when it will end, …

Biblical Worldview

COVID 19 An Opportunity To Demonstrate Compassion

How should Christians and Christian churches respond to the global Covid-19 pandemic? I’d like to encourage us to see this crisis as an opportunity unlike …

Kingdomizer Stories

Coram Deo Impact In Rwanda

“I began with Coram Deo, and this impacted me beyond what I can explain. I came to know the right mindset.  I came to realize …

Transform Your World

New video: The Normal Church.  

We can do this! This is the reaction we hope Christians around the world have when they see the stories of “normal” church members in …

DNA News

How Darrow Blogs in Spanish

Over the past few years Darrow’s blog on worldview and culture has continued to grow and impact individuals and churches across the world. Thanks to …


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