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Dear Friend,

Please consider attending the upcoming DNA Global Forum. It will be a great time of learning from experienced teachers, sharing stories and encouraging one another. The time to register is now. If you cannot come, there are DNA members who want to attend but lack some of the finances needed. Would you contribute to help them get to Addis in October?

1. Why Attend? You will have the chance to hear great teachers expound on a topic that is most urgent for our times and nations — Foundational Principles for Flourishing Nations. We’ve highlighted some of the speakers below. You will also meet some amazing practitioners of these principles from around the world. Our schedule is now posted at disciplenations.org/forum2022

2. How to Attend? If you have not yet received an official invitation, but have engaged with DNA content and applied it and shared it with others, we want you to join us! Please request an invitation from the Forum planners. If you have already received an official invitation or want to view all the details, visit disciplenations.org/forum2022

3. Help Others Attend. Many in our DNA family around the world are having a difficult time financially as a result of the pandemic and rising costs. More than ever before, we’ve had key DNA contacts say they would like to attend but have substantial financial constraints preventing them. Would you pray about making a contribution to help someone attend? One friend from Mozambique has given us permission to share her story, which you can find below.


Dennis Tongoi of Kenya serves as the Executive Director and senior Master Facilitator of Root-to-Fruit. Dennis was the founding International Director of Christian Mission Society (CMS) Africa, and coordinated Samaritan Strategy Africa, which was a movement involving over 600 trainers in more than 40 African nations. As a result of his work over the last 15 years, hundreds of church leaders have been trained in biblical worldview and wholistic discipleship. He has worked as a consultant for Reach Global and served as a Board Chair of Carlile College, an Anglican missionary training college.

Arturo Cuba of Bolivia is one of DNA’s earliest and most influential trainers, creatively discipling people in the biblical worldview for over 20 years. From his teaching experience with rural pastors and farmers in Latin America, Arturo has a way of helping people from any culture find encouragement and think critically.

Ena Richards of South Africa is the founder and director of Work 4 A Living International, which establishes centers across four continents, providing employment and entrepreneurial training through a biblical worldview.

Demelash Lemma of Ethiopia is the Horn of Africa coordinator for Samaritan Strategy Africa and country coordinator for Harvest. He was first exposed to DNA teachings at a Nairobi Vision Conference in 1999. Since then he has trained over 10,000 local church leaders in 4,000 congregations.

Stephen Langa is the Executive Director of the Uganda Family Network and co-founder of Samaritan Strategy Africa, the African training group of the DNA.

Dr. Eisuke Kanda is executive director of Friends with the Voiceless International (FVI), the national DNA organization in Japan.

Scott Allen, United States, serves as president of the DNA Global Secretariat Office. Scott served with Food for the Hungry for 19 years in both the U.S. and Japan in the areas of Human Resources, staff training, and program management. In 2008, he teamed up with Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt to launch DNA.

Dwight Vogt, United States, serves as the vice president of the DNA Global Secretariat Office. Before coming to DNA, he worked for 27 years at Food for the Hungry, including field-based leadership roles in Bangladesh, Peru, Thailand and Guatemala.

Godfrey Kyazze of Uganda is a curriculum writer, trainer, and speaker on matters of biblical worldview and its relation to Education, Economics, Family, and Governance. He and his wife have created homeschool curriculum, previously non-existent in Uganda, to train children in Christian principles from the African perspective. This curriculum includes teaching on African history, economics, math, science, and other academic disciplines from a biblical worldview. Most recently he has created the Masters Institute for Education (MIE), which is a new Ugandan university that plans to offer degree programs in education, political science, and business from a biblical worldview. Godfrey serves on the board of Homeschoolers Uganda Group (HUG) and serves as a leader of the East African Community of Homeschoolers (EACH).

Help Rita and others attend

Rita Manuel Mabasso is single, 35 years old, lives in southen Mozambique, and actively shares DNA training and concepts — especially with young people in local communities. For the last 23 years, she has worked with orphans, vulnerable children, and people with disabilities. In 2018, she became a certified biblical worldview trainer for DNA, in addition to becoming certified as a trainer in Entrepreneurship with our friends at Trinity Education.

Rita says, “I realized that many churches work only for spiritual growth, and the individual grows unbalanced because the remaining areas of life are not addressed which often produces a lack of commitment to social, family and community life.”

Rita writes:

The Forum will provide an opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded development workers from other African countries and people from around the world. It will also equip me with more tools to continue the work of community development, as well as an opportunity to share about the work I am currently leading. We will discuss best practices, learn new approaches and address cultural lies that prevent communities from thriving.

I know that costs to attend the Global Forum are the responsibility of each participant. Without fear but in the search for resources, I come to you through this letter, asking for your support to help cover the costs of my travel and accommodation, which amount to $1,918.

I appreciate the opportunity to share about the work the Lord has called me to do. And I also ask you to prayerfully consider if the Lord would have you support me in my work and development by giving to my costs to attend this strategic meeting with the Disciple Nations Alliance.

If you can make a contribution to help Rita and other important DNA members attend, visit disciplenations.org/donate and be sure to choose “Forum Financial Support” for the Gift Designation.

Please also consider attending. Register and view all the Forum details at disciplenations.org/forum2022

We are trusting God to provide a way for all who should attend. Please pray about joining us.

Warmly in Christ,

Now is the time to register. If you are able to come, please register now so we can be sure to hold your space.

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