Reflecting with Gratitude & Looking Ahead

As we approach the end of the year and the holiday season, we want to share some reflections on 2022 and join you in looking forward with anticipation to what lies ahead.

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It seems there has never been a more important time to embrace DNA’s mission of preparing followers of Christ to better understand the true, biblical ideas that lead to human flourishing – while fighting against poisonous ideas that destroy nations. As we make plans to reach more people, we hope you will remember us in your giving this year.

Testimonies from the Global Forum

The Forum this October in Ethiopia was a time of connecting with incredible believers from around the world who recognize the need to make essential biblical principles a foundation for their efforts to disciple their nation. We were deeply encouraged by presentations that caused us to investigate our own thoughts alongside the Bible and consider what it would mean to comprehensively love and care for our neighbors, desiring their best. Listen to these testimonies from the Forum:

  • “Through the amazing sessions, I have experienced direct communion with God. He has taught me, connected me, rebuked me, and trained me.”
  • “I am so glad that I came because I was able to see the global impact of the Holy Spirit.”
  • “My ministry for reaching Muslims will not be the same.”
  • “The Forum was so refreshing and revitalizing. I feel renewed and ready to go home and keep running with the mission of national discipling.”

Though all our Forum sessions are not yet available, we do have one excellent session available to preview from Ena Richards on how practical, important, and transformative it can be if we will love our neighbors. Ena has a powerful program that works with employers to provide jobs to individuals who successfully completed their training program at Work 4 A Living, which is built with a strong foundation in biblical principles.

Testimonies from Online Training

Our online training platform has continued to grow in its reach and functionality. In the coming month, we will release an update that will allow the platform to be more mobile responsive and integrate better with our tracking and database so we can provide the best possible ongoing support for users across multiple languages. Over the course of the year, we had more than 1200 people sign up for our courses. Over recent years, we had participants from more than 115 countries. Because of generous support, we are able to offer this training free of charge!

In the past year, we were very pleased to publish our Basics course in French and the Grand Design course in Spanish with completed voiceovers thanks to the dedication of many volunteers! A project to translate our Basics course into the Swahili language has started–there are 200 million Swahili speakers in the world. These worldview messages help participants understand that God’s interest is not merely in a church building, but in the transformation of every area of their lives. Hear these testimonies from online training participants:

  • From Morocco: “I used to think that work exists because of sin, but now I realize that work is a blessing. Now, I seek to do everything for God.”
  • Emad from Egypt: “I now understand that the church is not just a building, but a gathering of the people of God who study and obey the Word. These people of God should be serving outside the church to glorify Christ.”

Coming Soon: A Call for Balladeers

Next month, in time for Christmas, Darrow Miller’s new book will be available through YWAM Publishing and on Amazon! We are very excited about A Call for Balladeers: Pursuing Art and Beauty for the Discipling of Nations. This beautiful book celebrates the important call of the Christian artist in prophetically speaking to culture about lies, truth, goodness, and beauty. If you’d like to learn more, check out a recent podcast featuring Darrow and the book.

Additionally, an online Zoom event on January 19 will allow Balladeers from around the world to hear from Darrow as he interviews a very important special guest. 

DNA’s Kingdomizer Network received early access to order a pre-release of the book! Kingdomizers are people who have been deeply impacted by DNA’s teaching and are constantly seeking to advance the beauty, truth, and goodness of God’s Kingdom in their world. The Kingdomizer Network provides ongoing encouragement and opportunities for connecting with other Kingdomizers in order to more effectively disciple the nations. Sign up now to join the Kingdomizer Network!

Top 11 Podcast Episodes in 2022

Have you listened to our podcast, Ideas Have Consequences? Here are the episodes that have received the most listens this year!

  1. [Most downloaded!] Biblical Sexuality, Transgenderism, and the Body with Nancy Pearcey
  2. Why the Church Avoids Addressing Culture
  3. Hijacked Sexuality with Katherine Gallagher
  4. Jordan Peterson, Vishal Mangalwadi, and the Power of the Bible to Transform Culture
  5. Discipleship at the Level of Culture
  6. Hijacked Justice with Monique Duson and Krista Bontrager
  7. Luis Sena: Biblical Worldview Radically Applied
  8. Under Whose Authority? (Part 1)
  9. The Power of Biblical Truth to Transform Our World with Vishal Mangalwadi
  10. Capitalism, Socialism, and the Biblical Worldview
  11. A Call for Balladeers

What’s Next?

We are eager to soon release the first in a series of core teaching videos using high-quality animation. These videos will help us quickly and clearly communicate the importance of worldview and the plan of God to be involved in every area of a believer’s life. In our digital age, these videos can quickly reach and influence tens of thousands of people, and help us reach young people in new ways. Subscribe to our newsletter and watch your inbox for this coming release!

Looking further ahead, we are excited to see the completion of Scott Allen’s new book in 2023, Ten Words that Transform Culture. Too often believers are completely unaware of the huge cultural shifts that are happening as the meaning of our very words are being changed right in front of us to advance unbiblical narratives. Scott has a passion to help awaken believers to this need to think critically and to be watchful so that we can communicate clearly and so that the church can flourish and not be misled. We join in his excitement as he prepares to complete his manuscript for the book!

Have you been impacted by DNA? Will you make a gift to help us reach more people?

We are thankful for your commitment to bring glory to God in every area of your life! As you have opportunity, would you remember us in your giving this year? A gift of any amount is appreciated and helps us further our reach to people of all ages in new and hard to reach places with important teaching about God’s purposes for believers to bring transformation to every sector of society. Can you make a one-time gift, or would you like to set up regular giving? Perhaps you could make a gift of $20, $100, or more? Here is the link to give! We appreciate your prayerful consideration!

Learned something new? Have a question? Enjoying this post? Let us know!

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