Global Forum 2022 Presentations

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What a wonderful time we had at the October 2022 Global Forum in Ethiopia! Here are the Powerpoint presentations for those who spoke:


Dennis Tongoi of Kenya serves as the Executive Director and senior Master Facilitator of Root-to-Fruit. Dennis was the founding International Director of Christian Mission Society (CMS) Africa, and coordinated Samaritan Strategy Africa, which was a movement involving over 600 trainers in more than 40 African nations. As a result of his work over the last 15 years, hundreds of church leaders have been trained in biblical worldview and wholistic discipleship. He has worked as a consultant for Reach Global and served as a Board Chair of Carlile College, an Anglican missionary training college.

Arturo Cuba of Bolivia is one of DNA’s earliest and most influential trainers, creatively discipling people in the biblical worldview for over 20 years. From his teaching experience with rural pastors and farmers in Latin America, Arturo has a way of helping people from any culture find encouragement and think critically.

Download the Microsoft Word notes from Arturo Cuba

  1. Creation is a Rational Order
  2. Human Life is Sacred

Ena Richards of South Africa is the founder and director of Work 4 A Living International, which establishes centers across four continents, providing employment and entrepreneurial training through a biblical worldview.

Click here to listen to Ena’s presentation, which was recently featured on our podcast.

Demelash Lemma of Ethiopia is the Horn of Africa coordinator for Samaritan Strategy Africa and country coordinator for Harvest. He was first exposed to DNA teachings at a Nairobi Vision Conference in 1999. Since then he has trained over 10,000 local church leaders in 4,000 congregations.

Stephen Langa is the Executive Director of the Uganda Family Network and co-founder of Samaritan Strategy Africa, the African training group of the DNA.

Dr. Eisuke Kanda is executive director of Friends with the Voiceless International (FVI), the national DNA organization in Japan.

Scott Allen, United States, serves as president of the DNA Global Secretariat Office. Scott served with Food for the Hungry for 19 years in both the U.S. and Japan in the areas of Human Resources, staff training, and program management. In 2008, he teamed up with Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt to launch DNA.

Chris Ampadu of Ghana holds a Master of Philosophy degree in Sociology from the University of Ghana and a PhD in International Development from William Carey International University. He serves as the West African Director for Samaritan Strategy and has been instrumental in sharing wholistic transformation training to thousands of pastors and church leaders across West Africa. Chris also shares this training in the Onboard Training Program for Mercy Ships teams and crew each year. 

Liz Gitonga of Kenya is the founder of Veritas Education Africa, which advances the pursuit of truth and virtue in education, founded on biblical principles. Liz and her husband Patrice began homeschooling 20 years ago, becoming one of the pioneer Kenyan homeschool families. She co-founded one of the first homeschool co-ops and has subsequently founded two others. Liz is a steering committee member of the East Africa Community of Homeschoolers (EACH), that networks homeschoolers in the region. She also serves in the advisory board of the Global home Education Exchange. She holds a Master’s degree in Education Psychology and is blessed with three children.

Dwight Vogt, United States, serves as the vice president of the DNA Global Secretariat Office. Before coming to DNA, he worked for 27 years at Food for the Hungry, including field-based leadership roles in Bangladesh, Peru, Thailand and Guatemala.

Godfrey Kyazze of Uganda is a curriculum writer, trainer, and speaker on matters of biblical worldview and its relation to Education, Economics, Family, and Governance. He and his wife have created homeschool curriculum, previously non-existent in Uganda, to train children in Christian principles from the African perspective. This curriculum includes teaching on African history, economics, math, science, and other academic disciplines from a biblical worldview. Most recently he has created the Masters Institute for Education (MIE), which is a new Ugandan university that plans to offer degree programs in education, political science, and business from a biblical worldview. Godfrey serves on the board of Homeschoolers Uganda Group (HUG) and serves as a leader of the East African Community of Homeschoolers (EACH).

Additional files and links:

Nelson Monteiro shared with us about an important new Young Professionals Discipleship curriculum that will soon be available. He shared this video with us about it, along with providing this brief presentation (available as a PDF to view or download) about the curriculum.

A short advertisement for the new curriculum:

Explore what it means to be a Kingdom agent in your community and in your place of business. God intentionally calls and sends the members of the church to live missionally in their individual vocations–but this is not limited to sharing the Gospel. It includes thinking differently and approaching our work differently, in a way that creates a Kingdom culture and produces excellent results.

Additionally, this course will help individuals understand how their culture’s worldview or underlying assumptions and belief system influence the way they think about work and approach their vocation. As we reflect on Genesis chapter one, we will consider how we imitate a working God and respond to his call to create a culture of beauty, goodness, and truth. Additionally, this course will help young professionals prioritize their growth “wholistically” — using Luke 2:52 as a paradigm, where health includes wisdom, physical stature, and favor with God and man.

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