Your gift, per Kisiya, provides a missing link

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Aired Kisiya of Tanzania is a local missionary who says DNA’s training is a missing link.

Before DNA’s training, Kisiya recalls not knowing anything about worldview. He had never thought critically about his culture or his view of life, work, and success. The training was practical and helped him see how all believers could be empowered for ministry. Now Kisiya is training others, and the impact is multiplying.

We want to equip more people like Kisiya. Will you help? We hope you will prayerfully consider making a gift to partner with us so we can continue to offer this life-changing and community transforming training free of charge for other leaders like Kisiya around the world.

One of our key goals in the coming month is to make our Kingdomizer Training Program fully available in Swahili to support more leaders like Kisiya.

Millions of Swahili speakers are unreached Muslims.

Swahili is spoken by more than 200 million people, making it one of the ten most widely spoken languages in the world. About 35% of the Swahili vocabulary comes from the Arabic language, owing to trade with Arab countries throughout history. The majority of Swahili speakers are Islamic and live along Africa’s eastern coast.

Kisiya has now led others through the training. In the two-minute video below, Kisiya shares about the impact of one participant who is a doctor in Tanzania’s leading cancer clinic. The doctor wanted to show the love of Christ in practical ways to his patients by spending more time with them, praying with them, and even bringing food to those in need. This kind of patient care spread among other Christian doctors. Patients come from all across the country to this clinic — while receiving treatment many patients do not have relatives to look after them. Many are not believers. The patients and their families have been greatly impacted by these doctors, with some families requesting the doctors to come to their villages to preach the gospel.

Will you make a gift to partner with us for impact?

Recognizing the profound impact of biblical worldview training, we want it to be available around the world free of charge. We have a year-end financial need of $100,000. Your gift of any amount can help us continue to offer this training.

For just $10 per person, you can make it possible for us to continue providing this without cost globally in seven languages. Perhaps you can join become a sustaining partner by signing up for monthly donations.

$100 could give access to 10 believers in need of biblical worldview training in East Africa. $150 could give access to 15 Christian pastors who live in areas steeped in animistic and Islamic culture.Their transformation will continue to catalyze a movement for Christ.

DNA’s training helps followers of Jesus know and apply a biblical worldview in every area of their lives, equipping them to build flourishing cultures, communities, and nations.

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