UPDATED — Coram Deo: The Online Training School of Disciple Nations Alliance

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We have an exciting announcement! The online training school of Disciple Nations Alliance has been remodeled at coramdeo.com to provide you with an improved experience on your phone, tablet, or computer!

Some things haven’t changed at coramdeo.com – you will still find:

  • Free access to the same timeless, impactful content
  • An option to create your own class to study with friends

Here are some changes to highlight:

  • Improved navigation
  • Now phone friendly
  • Ability to track your progress
  • Free certification for every course
  • Changes to the following courses:
    • The Basics course is now called the Kingdomizer Training Program and has been divided into two courses. The first seven lessons taught primarily by Darrow Miller are now called “Kingdomizer 101: Truth and Transformation.” The five lessons taught by Bob Moffitt are now called “Kingdomizer 102: Love in Action.”
    • The Monday Church course has been divided into three courses (101, 102, and 103).

Our training materials are free and available with one simple request, that you study intently to learn, apply it to your life and vocation, and then pass on your new understanding to others.

Take a minute now to view the site at coramdeo.com and watch the short “start here” video. If you have questions or comments, please let us know!

P.S. If you have already completed the Kingdomizer Training Program and Monday Church materials, be sure to check out the rich content in The Grand Design and A Flourishing Nation. And be sure to let others know about content available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, German, Korean, and more!

Learned something new? Have a question? Enjoying this post? Let us know!

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