Update on Nepal earthquake relief

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God’s presence is clearly evident these days in Nepal, as we saw in the rescue of a 101-year-old man a full week after his home collapsed on top of him. We also recognize the strength of the Nepalese Christian churches and how well equipped they are to address emergency and ongoing needs.

For the past 10 years, the DNA and Harvest Foundation have been training local church leaders and their congregations in a wholistic approach to ministry: bringing God’s truth to bear in all areas of life and ministering to spiritual, physical, social, mental and emotional needs. Solemnly, we thank God these massive earthquakes did not happen years ago when the churches were less able to respond to the resulting needs.

Team praying
Hours after the quakes began, Nepalese Christians gathered to seek God’s mercy and his guidance in responding to the massive needs. This photo was sent by the program coordinator of Vision Network Nepal (VNN), the DNA’s local network in Nepal.


The needs are great. A full week after the strongest tremor, a 5.2-magnitude quake struck the Nepalese village of Gorkha, where only four out of 1,233 houses were left standing and 29 rescue workers died while searching for survivors. Thousands are injured and homeless, and the government has just placed restrictions on relief money coming into the country.

These members of the VNN team are loading supplies to distribute to earthquake victims.
These members of the VNN team are loading supplies to distribute to earthquake victims. More supplies are needed; please see below!

What you can do


Yes, we trust that God hears each cry, and he responds with sovereignty and goodness. One of our contacts in Nepal has asked us to take time to pray specifically for:

  1. Pray that the people who are missing maybe found safe! Pray that the injured ones may get adequate treatment and that the Holy Spirit will comfort those who lost their loved ones.
  2. Pray for the safety of the rescue-relief workers–that they maybe found protected as they serve amidst the chaos and that the relief items [see below] may reach all who need it.
  3. Pray that no unnecessary problems will arise; may the Lord cast out any calamities.
  4. Pray that emergency resources will be adequately available. May the hearts of worldwide Christian brethren be softened and ready to help the needy.
  5. Pray that the Nepalese government would be open to Christian aid from overseas and that any biased government officers and media workers would realize God’s love through all Christian volunteer services. Pray that the Christians’ lives would speak louder than the words of their mouths.
  6. Pray for the one eternal salvation in Jesus Christ to be real to everyone and that the nation of Nepal would exalt his name on high by accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior.


This week, long-time DNA partners at VNN are bringing emergency relief to communities outside Kathmandu–in places where other ministries are not going. They are using donations from local Nepalese churches and from all over the world, but they still expressed need for the specific items below (prices listed in USD).

We are collecting donations and sending 100% of all money received directly to our church partners in Nepal. Please give whatever you can give with a cheerful heart!

Give now

Package of noodles: $0.15
Noodles: $0.15 per package


Beaten rice: $.60 for one kilo
Beaten rice: $.60 for one kilo


Water: $0.15 per bottle
Water: $0.15 per bottle

  Tent: $10 each

Blanket: $5 each

Give now

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