URGENT NEED: Nepal earthquake relief

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Just before noon on Saturday, April 25, a calamitous 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal, striking the center of the country and rippling outward with aftershocks every several minutes through the weekend.

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epaselect epa04719891 People free a man from the rubble of a destroyed building after an earthquake hit Nepal, in Kathmandu, Nepal, 25 April 2015. A 7.9-magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal destroying buildings in Kathmandu and surrounding areas, with unconfirmed rumours of casualties. The epicentre was 80 kilometres north-west of Kathmandu, United States Geological Survey. Strong tremors were also felt in large areas of northern and eastern India and Bangladesh. EPA/NARENDRA SHRESTHA
As of today, more than 4,000 people have lost their lives, including some in neighboring nations.

The international community is gearing up to help, but there are many Nepalese Christians already on the ground and perfectly poised to help their neighbors. They are organized and ready to provide relief but lack physical resources like food, water, shelter, medical supplies and other life-saving materials.

For the past 10 years, God has been raising up Nepalese Christian churches to minister wholistically in their communities—a group called Vision Network Nepal (VNN). A DNA affiliate organization, VNN was launched in 2004 after a Vision Conference taught by DNA co-founders Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt.

VNN has been using DNA materials to train church leaders, youth pastors and other influential community members in biblical worldview and wholistic community development. Here, participants are sharing what they’re learning with the group.

For years, VNN has partnered with Harvest Foundation and Reconciled World to equip dozens of churches all across Nepal. These local congregations have developed strong ties with their communities–the same communities that now are suffering extreme loss and devastation.

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Please, if you feel compelled to give to the relief effort in Nepal, please give to VNN through one of the organizations above or through our website. We will pass 100% of any money received straight through to VNN in Nepal.

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Please pray:

  1. Pray for the people buried by the rubble but still alive. Pray for the Lord to sustain them and for the rescuers to hear their cries and get them out.
  2. Pray for the most vulnerable victims–children, the elderly and the sick–as they sleep outside.
  3. Pray for the many grieving mothers, fathers and children who lost or are still searching for their loved ones.
  4. Pray for the families and individuals who lost their source of income in the earthquake.
  5. Pray for outbreaks of disease to be kept at bay even though systems for sanitation and medical care are weak.
  6. Pray for more help to come to Nepal in these crucial days following the disaster.


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