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Celebrating 10 years of DNA Korea

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Since the first DNA Vision Conference in South Korea in 2003, God has been raising up faithful leaders and equipping Korean Christians to live out of a biblical worldview, sacrificially loving their neighbors and living every moment before the face of God.

Participants in the 2003 Vision Conference included (form left) DNA Co-Founder Bob Moffitt, Rev. Paul Sohn, _____ and John Wood.
Participants in the 2003 Vision Conference included (form left) DNA Co-Founder Bob Moffitt, Rev. Paul Sohn and his wife, Sooyoung, and John Wood.

On March 30, staff and friends of DNA Korea celebrated the publishing of DNA Korea, a book based on the ministry’s 10-year evaluation initiated in 2013.

DNA Korea invitation
Please email Paul Sohn for a copy of this book.

The book includes a summary of the DNA global movement and DNA Korea’s role in it, training content on biblical worldview and wholistic ministry of the local church, descriptions of model churches and their seed projects, case studies of these churches’ work over the past 10 years, and other DNA-related resources.

2013 ++¦a¦±+n--¦¦+¦+¦
In January 2013, DNA Korea and affiliates gathered for another Vision Conference and to celebrate God’s work over the previous decade.


DNA Korea staff
DNA Korea staff

To connect with DNA Korea, please email Paul Sohn.

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