Prayer focus: Egypt

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Here is an important prayer request from Stephen Langa, our partner in North and East Africa:

Dear Brothers and Sisters [Intercessors–please mobilize prayer in your networks and circulate widely in Uganda, Africa and beyond],

Please pray for Egypt as she goes through the present crisis. Please pray that the intentions, will and purposes of the Sovereign God who reigns in the affairs of men will unfold and that the Isaiah 19:19 destiny of Egypt will be unfolded through all that is happening at this time, in that strategic and Biblical nation.

This is the nation which the Lord God used to make a name for Himself and glorified Himself by establishing to mankind once and for all time that there is no other God other than Himself. [Exodus 14:14, Deuteronomy 4:34].

This is the nation where the Church has been in constant persecution since the 7th century. Please pray that the Lord would remember mercy and at this time remember the Church in Egypt that has suffered for so long. Please pray that the Lord who is the only expert in turning what humanly looks bad and negative into something good and beautiful, to ultimately bring good to the Church and the Egyptian people.

This is a nation that has been bound in spiritual darkness, and the people have been chained in Satan’s lies for centuries. May this be the time Egypt will see the Light of God’s Kingdom as revealed by the Savior. May this be the time when the Egyptian people will find genuine peace through the Prince of Peace who alone has the road-map to genuine national peace and reconciliation.

Egyptian flag
Egyptian flag

Please pray that the Lord would protect the Church and will lead and guide her to know and understand the role that she should play at this critical time when the nation needs direction and genuine reconciliation.

Egypt has a specific call and destiny as a nation in the Arab world. Please pray that the Egyptian Church will recognize this and will walk in obedience and in keeping pace with God to cause her to fulfill her God-given destiny at this time.

News spotlight on Egypt
News spotlight on Egypt

Please pray for peace in Egypt–that all people from different backgrounds will be able to live in peace with one another.

God bless,
Stephen Langa

Stephen LangaStephen Langa is part of Samaritan Strategy Africa and has built strong alliances with key church leaders across the Arab-speaking world.

Last year, he met with several influential leaders in Egypt, including Rev. Dr. Sameh Maurice, Senior Pastor of Kasr El Dobara Church, the largest church in the Arab-speaking world. Read more about that important event here.

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