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“The Forest in the Seed” continues to open eyes all over the world

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forest_cover_webPublished seven years ago, The Forest in the Seed is a small book that continues to make a great impact on the minds of movers and shakers from every corner of the world. Recently, we heard from Helen Hardin, an American actively building God’s kingdom in her own community and internationally.

“For years, I have been reading about poverty alleviation and wealth distribution to understand how best to share and minister to poor believers in Mexico,” said Helen. “While the other books and seminars were helpful, nothing seemed to fit exactly.

As I read your book this morning, I was so excited I had to put it down for a while and calm myself down. This is the foundation for all other poverty alleviation strategies and development work. Somehow I missed it along the way.”

Helen supports ministries in Mexico and North Africa. She is dynamically involved in her local community and church, where she mentors a group of teenage girls.

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Helen (left) visits her dear friend, Cecilia. Cecilia is from Chiapas, Mexico and sells her family’s wares on the beaches of the Caribbean.

While The Forest in the Seed was intended primarily for an audience addressing extreme poverty in the majority world, the messages are just as relevant for American teens.

“They are beautiful gifts from God,” Helen said, “and all of us need the message from God found in The Forest in the Seed.”

Helen also is a graduate of the Centurion Program established by the late Chuck Colson. This year-long program prepares participants to navigate today’s culture with a Christian perspective–to actively live out their faith in every sphere of society. While attending the annual Colson Center’s Wilberforce Weekend conference in Washington, DC earlier this year, she met DNA co-founder Darrow Miller, a featured speaker at the conference, calling it a “divine appointment.” It was there she picked up the book.

“I already knew most of [the information in the book], but seeing it organized the way it’s presented in the book made it totally new and life changing,” she said.

Helen is widely networked and recently bought 20 copies of the book to give to leaders in her church, ministry leaders in distressed areas, those who have a biblical view of helping the poor, and friends who have influence with large groups.

Have you already read The Forest in the Seed? Is there someone you think may enjoy reading this 91-page book? Download a free PDF from our website, or buy a hard copy in our bookstore for just $7.

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