Partnering with Compassion International to reshape Uganda’s future

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The DNA local network in Uganda, Transforming Nations Alliance (TNA), recently finished training more than 100 of the nation’s emerging adults through a vibrant partnership with Compassion International, a leading Christian child-sponsorship organization. As a result, many of these young people have started their own initiatives to meet local needs with local resources. Read on to learn about these outstanding young leaders!

TNA and Compassion logos

A dynamic partnership

Designed as a movement and not an institution, the DNA seeks to spread its ideas as widely as possible, following God’s lead and working collaboratively with other individuals and organizations (see our seven operating principles). This organic, open-handed structure has allowed the DNA to multiply rapidly and to team up with existing organizations seeking social and cultural transformation.

In 2000, the DNA conducted a Vision Conference with Christian leaders in Uganda. “The church latched on and formed a national task force to make sure the ideas didn’t die but lived on,” says Judith Murungi, the national coordinator for TNA which was birthed out of that task force as an independently registered Ugandan organization. Click here to read about TNA’s church-based community transformation program.

God has faithfully grown this movement in Uganda over the years and, since 2010, TNA has worked closely with Compassion to train some of their most promising sponsored college students just a few months before they launch into the marketplace as young adults.

Developing Christian leaders in Uganda

Compassion’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) offers university education and intensive Christian leadership training to the most gifted and service-oriented graduates of its child-sponsorship program. LDP students seize the opportunity to develop their God-given potential and become skilled professionals and Christian leaders of influence in their churches, communities and nation. The LDP provides academic assistance, leadership training, mentoring and discipleship.

“As Compassion International, we believe and hope that with the skills acquired by the students, they will advocate for positive change in their communities and country, and that LDP graduates will mobilize to end the cycle of poverty that undermines our nation,” says Compassion staff member Brendah Kikomberwa.

Most of these students are the first in their families to attend college.

TNA is one of the key trainers chosen by Compassion to help graduating students understand and apply a Biblical view of work, life and leadership as they enter into the marketplace.

Every year, TNA staff, including Judith Murungi (standing), attend Compassion’s Annual Retreat of the Finalists where they spend one week teaching Ugandan students aged 19-24 basic DNA Vision Conference lessons plus sessions on goal setting, work ethic, and developing a personal mission. This is the fifth such training TNA has conducted with Compassion.

“All these topics equip the students with knowledge and a skill that is so essential for the marketplace and personal development realities,” Brendah says. The students are equipped to “tell the whole breadth and depth of the transforming story which is God’s story, and its ability to transform individual lives, lift communities out of poverty and build nations that are free, compassionate and just,” she says.

Wholly aligning with God’s Word

Christians everywhere can identify with what the DNA calls the sacred-secular divide: the tempting view that some parts of life are sacred and others are secular when, in fact, all of life and everything we do falls under the kingship of Christ.

“TNA teaches a wholistic approach to Christianity,” says Judith, “and the kids are receptive to this. It’s encouraging for them to know they can be a Christian who is excellent in education, business, etc. and still be a Christian at church.”

Compassion LDP students discuss in small groups what they have learned.
Compassion LDP students discuss in small groups what they have learned.

Judith tells the story of one young man who began to think education was a waste of time–perhaps, he considered, he should only preach the gospel and win souls for Christ. TNA showed this man how ideas have consequences, and he began to see how his engagement in school at the level of philosophers actually could reach many people and have kingdom impact. He now is a professor at the university.

Putting faith into practice as agents of transformation

Small groups of students share with the class the lessons they learned from the recent teaching session.

Many of these LDP students from the past five years have planned and carried out Seed Projects–small acts of service to the local community using local resources. Here are just a few examples:

  • Employment is hard to find in Uganda, and many proud new college graduates become dependent on their parents, waiting a long time for the white-collar job they believe they deserve instead of taking any available job that provides an income. TNA teaches the students to start small and see themselves grow, so one young lady started a business making and selling charcoal. Exercising humility, honesty, a good work ethic and trust in God, she was able to earn an income even before later accepting a better job at the university.

  • Peter, after realizing his potential for making change in his community, used some of his allowance from Compassion to form a community-based organization supporting widows and orphans. Today, he helps 46 widows and 34 orphans with school fees and materials, also training them in marketable skills for income generation.

  • A medical student, after being challenged by this training, used a small monetary gift from her sponsor not on clothes or other luxuries but on 1,000 trees to plant on her parents’ land. In this way, she planned for her future, cultivating the trees during school holidays and receiving good returns on her investment, selling the trees for use in furniture and construction. Today, she is married and working as a doctor.

  • Sebastian and his friends, after seeing so many of their peers drop out of college due to a lack of money, started a fund in partnership with the financial-aid office at Uganda Christian University. Using the slogan “serving to save a buddy,” this fund is supported by fellow students as well as school staff and faculty. Sebastian estimates that since 2013, more than 80 students have been helped by more than 5 million Ugandan shillings (about $2,000 USD). This is not the only Seed Project Sebastian has done; click here to learn more.

The LDP students receive certificates at the end of the retreat, graduating from university just a few months later and taking with them a deeper understanding of God’s plans for them as professionals, parents and community leaders.


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Ssonyiwa Geofrey
Ssonyiwa Geofrey
1 year ago

Hello , I’m one of the true testimony who was helped by one the NGO since p1 and further ,now I established a school in one of the surbab areas in Kampala and this is a society where parents are so miserable in deep poverty even forgot God. And their parents can’t afford school fees . Is there a way we can partner together to rescue these young souls who are rapidly floading streats of Kampala due to failure to get education.. i will be so humbled to hear from you . May God bless .

1 year ago

Dear Ssonyiwa,
Thank you for responding to our blog. It is encouraging to hear from you and the work you’re doing for children and families. God has good intentions for these people, and He can use you to encourage and help them find and live into His purposes for them. It sounds like you’re already started doing that work. How exciting. We have a lot of friends in Uganda and I am happy to connect you with them. Our key contact person is Judith Murungi- She would be happy to connect with you. Another key program that might be very beneficial for these families is called “Work for a Living”. This link- will show you who the coordinator is for Uganda. They have an amazing program that might be an answer to prayer. Thank you for the work you are doing. Grace and Peace.

Rev, Ifeanyi Aaron Aguchukwu
Rev, Ifeanyi Aaron Aguchukwu
7 years ago

Sir, i have heard so much encouraging testimonies of what you are doing for the Lord and will like to volunteer especially in west africa and Nigeria in particular. I am a graduate of education and a Tennis Coach. Hoping to hear you soon.

Disciple Nations Alliance

Thank you very much for your message! Please email our partners in Africa to explore how you might work together. In Nigeria, you may wish to connect with Ishaya and Esther Amos ( Also, Chris Ampadu ( could help you connect with others in West Africa. Here is a list of our local networks in the region. Blessings to you! -Mary

ongaria isaac silver
ongaria isaac silver
7 years ago

quiet pleasant for the body and soul

9 years ago

I would wish to extend my services to you,since I have been abenefiary from compassion,am sure God being my helper I can also impact Godly values and morals in the project children,when given an opportunity to work with you,looking forward to hear from you,thanks

Disciple Nations Alliance

Hello Sylvia, thank you for your comment! It’s great to hear that Compassion is part of your story. At the DNA global secretariat office, we do not have any paid positions open at this time. However, perhaps you would like to volunteer. Please email me at to let me know in what capacity you might like to volunteer, and I will be happy to see if we can collaborate. If you’re in Uganda, I also suggest you connect with Transforming Nations Alliance: Blessings to you! -Mary

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