Ugandan college student devises a plan to help peers finish school

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Since beginning his studies in 2008, Sebastiane and his friends at Uganda Christian University watched their classmates dwindle in number, many dropping out of school due to the death of a parent or financial barriers. Sebastiane, a Compassion International sponsored child and appointed class leader in Compassion’s Leadership Development Program (LDP), felt a deep burden to help these students but wasn’t quite sure how.

Uganda Christian University seeks to provide "a complete education for a complete person,"  integrating physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth with traditional academics.
Uganda Christian University seeks to provide “a complete education for a complete person,” integrating physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth with traditional academics.

In 2011, as part of a Vision Conference by Transforming Nations Alliance (TNA)–the DNA local network in Uganda (read more about TNA’s partnership with Compassion)–Sebastiane learned about Seed Projects which are small acts of service done in one’s community using only local resources. From this training, Sebastiane and his friends developed a concept for helping students who struggle with finances, engaging the rest of the Compassion LDP family in this effort with the slogan “serving to save a buddy.”

In February 2012, the initiative became a reality through a week-long fundraising drive called Compassion Week, receiving support from students, faculty and administration. To date, seven of these drives have raised a total of 5 million Ugandan shillings or about $2,000 USD, supporting more than 80 students. The money is funneled through the university’s financial-aid office to fulfill students’ outstanding school fees.  

Other fundraising activities help sustain the fund, including shoe polishing, car washing, donation boxes, contributions from university staff, and advocacy on behalf of the students in classrooms, churches and other gathering spaces.

Galatians 6 2
Sebastiane says this verse inspired him to advocate for his peers and set up a fund to help them remain in school.


“TNA inspired me to have a positive and Biblical worldview which has helped me to discover that I am blessed,” says Sebastiane. “I was inspired to be a visionary and to develop a personal mission that made me not only a dreamer but also an achiever and a blessing. I have since been able to discover my various competencies and abilities which I am actively exploiting.” 

Sebastiane says he wants to be a leader who sets a positive example for others to follow. He is the director of an advocacy group called PRENT (Professional Reach Enterprises), and he has helped several other Seed Projects come to fruition: health campaigns, supporting needy women and vulnerable families, empowering women and youth, and advocating for social justice–especially against lawlessness. Click here to learn more about these programs. He has a whole bank of ideas for addressing poverty, disease, domestic violence and unemployment in his community.

Walugembe Sebastian Sebastiane, 24, completed his bachelor’s degree in agricultural sciences and entrepreneurship in 2012. He hopes to pursue a master’s degree in organizational leadership and management, and he welcomes partnerships with like-minded individuals and ministries interested in his work.

Click here to read more about Sebastiane’s background, and you may e-mail him at

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9 years ago

Praise the Lord,we are blessed with a great move 2015,GOD has blessed us,we have another energetic group of volunteers,reachin out with God’s heart in communities with PRENT,God is good!

9 years ago

Every time i get to visit this site,am more than humbled to find such amazing sweet comments,thank you so much Mariel and Rawi for partnering with us,you are great blessings
Thank you DNA for sharing this story
Blessings from Uganda

9 years ago

Thank you DNA for covering this! I am close friends with Sebastiane and I volunteered with PRENT while I was studying abroad at UCU. They are incredible people and God is using them in HUGE ways in Uganda. Please support them through prayers and finances, they really appreciate it! If anyone has any questions you can email me:

Disciple Nations Alliance
Reply to  Mariel

Awesome; thank you, Mariel! It’s great to hear from you.

10 years ago

Thinking like that is really imispsreve

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