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Great turnout for the fourth annual DNA benefit dinner!

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From the DNA Global Secretariat Office:

On November 16, 2013, about 250 DNA friends and newcomers to the ministry attended our annual benefit dinner in Phoenix, Arizona to learn more about the DNA and to get involved.

Dennis speaking at DNA dinner
Our good friend Dennis Tongoi from CMS Africa was the guest speaker.

In addition to sharing about God’s transformational work through the DNA and its partners in Africa, Dennis challenged the audience–composed mostly of American Christians–to live out the call of the Church in today’s culture. He expressed his concern for the American Church, saying the time for change is now: American Christians need to recognize the pervasive spiritual poverty that is leading to local churches being discipled and shaped by the culture at large.

An audible response could be heard around the room as Dennis’ challenge penetrated hearts and resonated throughout the audience.

DNA dinner

We also introduced Coram Deo, an exciting new tool for anyone with an Internet connection to access DNA teachings and interact with others in a collaborative, online learning environment. We expect to launch Coram Deo in March or April 2014; sign up for our e-newsletter to be notified as soon as it’s live!

We are so thankful for this event and for the many new friends we met. Please pray for Christians across the U.S. to awaken and fully realize the powerful role God has given them–a Great Commission of discipling individuals and communities toward a reflection of the truth, goodness and beauty of God’s kingdom.

Here are a few more photos from the night:


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