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DNA videos airing on Nigerian state television TODAY

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Starting today and airing every Wednesday night through the end of October, a new DNA video series will be broadcast across Nigeria on the state television station PRTVC, which has well over 3 million viewers.

The topic of the 7-part series is “Monday Church”–in the words of DNA co-founder Darrow Miller, “More work of the church is to take place Monday through Saturday than takes place on Sunday.” These challenging but encouraging lessons will unpack God’s plan for every Christian in every sphere of society to be a ‘missionary of restoration’ every day of the week.

Monday Church video series
Click here to watch the videos!

A local church in Jos, Nigeria called ECWA Plateau Church has purchased airtime on PRTVC and already has been showing “On Earth as It Is in Heaven,” a video series by DNA co-founders Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt that looks at what it would really look like–what it would really take–to see God’s kingdom come here and now, on earth as it is in heaven.

Steve Chia 1“There is such a dichotomized lifestyle between what happens on Sunday and the week days,” says Steve Chia (left) who is organizing this effort through his Nigerian church. “Many profess to be Christians on Sundays, but we do not seem to see the impact in the society.”

Please pray for those who see these videos, that their minds and hearts would be opened to God’s love for them and prosperous plans for their lives, and that they would respond in obedience.

To contact Steve, please e-mail aschia06@gmail.com.

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Emmanuel Nyitsse
Emmanuel Nyitsse
6 years ago

Steve, peace be with you. I’ve just come across you as I went through my mails of the DNA this afternoon. Of particular interest is concerning videos aired sometime in 2014 on the topic: Monday Church. I know I missed it then, however I to have personal contact with you. I have always want to have a close contact with DNA. I am Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Nyitsse, the Anglican Bishop of Gboko Diocese in Benue State. I can locate you in Jos if you so wish me to come.
Hoping to hear from you soon, sir.
+ Bishop Nyitsse, Gboko

8 years ago

Do yo know if anything or anyone is doing this is in cameroon?

Disciple Nations Alliance
Reply to  Joseph

Hello Joseph, it’s great to hear from you. I am not aware of this happening in Cameroon, but I have written to some of our partners in that region of Africa to ask them. They may be following up with you soon. Many blessings to you!

Disciple Nations Alliance

Hi again, Joseph. If you would like to connect with the DNA network in your area, I suggest you email Chris Ampadu at samaritanstrategy@gmail.com. He is based in Ghana but is one of our most active DNA trainers in that region of Africa. Thank you!

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