Fighting Shadows with Jon Tyson

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Today, as men, we need to do more than understand the largely lost concept of biblical masculinity. We need freedom. Most men are trapped by “shadows” or lies and have a difficult time expressing vulnerability, making us familiar with the grip of isolation and loneliness. This is not the life God intended. Today, we had the honor of sitting down with author and pastor Jon Tyson to hear about his upcoming book, Fighting Shadows: Overcoming 7 Lies that Keep Men from Becoming Fully Alive, which he co-authored with Jeff Bethke. This discussion will touch everyone as we shed light on these crucial lies, explore how they can be overcome, and joyfully do our best to present a better vision for masculinity that is oriented around our Lord and Savior.

Special Guest

Originally from Adelaide, Australia, Jon Tyson moved to the U.S. over two decades ago to seek and cultivate renewal in the Western church. He is the author of Fighting Shadows and the bestselling books The Intentional Father and Beautiful Resistance. He graduated from Capital Seminary and serves as the lead pastor of Church of the City New York. Jon has been married to Christy for twenty-five years and has two adult children. To hear more from Jon, check out his podcast, Instagram, or sign up for his newsletter.

What You'll Hear

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"Jesus comes to Peter and says Satan has asked to sift you like wheat. What a terrifying moment to realize that you are in the crosshairs of the enemy."

Jon Tyson [16:01]



“The church has been ill-equipped to face the pressures of secularism. We have absolutely failed to produce Christians who think critically, have a biblical worldview, know how to analyze culture, and then build an alternative discipleship in a robust way.” – Jon Tyson [13:31]

We’re losing 1.2 million kids a year from the church right now, and the number one reason is because they do not find Jesus compelling.” – Jon Tyson [13:51]

“It’s been an onslaught of forces for which the church was not prepared to respond.” – Jon Tyson [14:36]

“The core ones [struggles, shadows] men were facing–loneliness, shame, lust, ambition, work, apathy–these are sort of the core things that we feel are coming over the hearts of men right now, stopping them from reaching their redemptive potential.” – Jon Tyson [17:34]

“A man needs a vocational sense of call. He’s got to have a sense, I was put on earth to shape the kingdom this way. Do it for the glory of God. See it as a part of divine order in human flourishing and then work towards the redemptive edge of it. Like finding that place where beauty and brokenness collide and pushing culture in a direction of redemption.” – Jon Tyson [39:09]

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Fighting Shadows: Overcoming 7 Lies that Keep Men From Becoming Fully Alive

Jon Tyson & Jefferson Bethke

In a world that’s grown increasingly confused about–and hostile toward–the very notion of masculinity, authors Jefferson Bethke and Jon Tyson send a powerful call to men everywhere: it’s time to step into the light of Jesus’ vision for you as a man.

There’s a shadow that’s settled over the hearts of men today. Masculinity is in crisis.

Critiques about the dangers of toxic masculinity and the abuses of patriarchal systems have grown louder than ever. The very notions of masculinity and manhood are under attack. In response to cultural shifts, some have doubled down on old stereotypes in ways that just add to the conflict and confusion.

The result? Many men simply feel paralyzed–worried about saying the wrong thing, unsure what to do with their ambitions or strengths, simultaneously tempted and shamed by a hypersexualized and pornified culture. Our models and mentors have failed us. Based on their years of working in men’s ministry, Bethke and Tyson have good news for men looking for clarity and courage in this age of quiet desperation. In Fighting Shadows, they help men

  • overcome the temptations of escapism, passivity, or overcompensation;
  • combat the most harmful shadows that men battle today, including loneliness, apathy, distraction, lust, and shame; and
  • embrace masculinity as a God-given gift, not a curse to be avoided, suppressed, or battled.

An entire generation of men is being told they should abdicate the responsibility and joy of living into God’s calling on their lives—don’t be one of them. If you’re a man who’s wondering what to do with your strength, your longings, and your gifts, it’s time to step out of the shadows. Jesus has a vision for you. Learn more!

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