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DNA celebrates its 20th anniversary

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The DNA Global Secretariat office paused last week to celebrate 20 years of ministry. Dozens of long-time friends gathered at First Christian Church in Phoenix to reflect on the journey through which God has brought this global family and the good fruit he has borne.

Partners from decades past mingled with up-and-coming leaders to share how God has used the DNA messages to shape their worldviews and bring their ministries into closer alignment with His Word and His intentions.

“Ideas have consequences,” said Mike Perez, a young pastor of a church in Guadalajara, Mexico (left, in black, next to Rosaura Mesones). “And your ideas have had consequences on me.
“We have been transformed little by little.
“We have a passion to see our country transformed, and I’m sure we are going to see that. Mexico and the nations will not be the same, and we will be to blame for that.”

Speakers also included Rosaura Mesones who hosted the first Vision Conference in Peru in 1997 and Dave Evans who implemented many DNA teachings in his tenure of leadership at Food for the Hungry.

This occasion also was seized as a special time to honor DNA co-founders Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt, and their families, for their many sacrifices over the years.

Darrow and Bob received special books filled with appreciative notes and photos from friends around the world.

It was a beautiful evening of thanksgiving, joy, and hopeful anticipation for the future of the DNA movement. Please enjoy more photos below and join us in thanking the Lord for his faithfulness!

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