Website Design and Worldview: A life-changing connection

website design and worldview

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Website design and worldview exploration – Trinity Education, a DNA worldwide alliance partner, puts these together to provide a high quality advanced-education opportunity to young people in the Majority World.

Co-founded by Amanda Sanchez (Executive Director) and Bob Moffitt, Trinity Education’s goal is to influence students with a biblical worldview and the character of Christlike servant-leaders while giving them valuable skills through three training programs they call Bootcamps.

The Digital Bootcamp is a a project-based, online bootcamp to learn website design, digital marketing basics, and professional communication skill.

The second is the Entrepreneur Bootcamp, designed for students who want to launch their own business. It teaches lean startup principles, which helps students launch their business in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

The third is the the Office Management Bootcamp, designed for students who want to learn cutting-edge skills and become exceptional office managers.

The practical result is students often get meaningful well-paying work. For example, Peter of Kenya is now a system administrator at an IT company in Nairobi, and moved out of the Soweto slum for the first time in his life.

Regnius Odhiambo

What’s particularly unique is that each student also goes through the Coram Deo Basics Course which gives them a new vision for their life and nation.

Regnius Odhiambo, another Kenyan graduate said,

I used to believe that that my generation is cursed with poverty, that is from my grandparents to me, and down to the generations to come, which will also inherit poverty.  Now, I have gained practical business skills and insights but more than anything else, though, the biggest takeaway from learning with Trinity is that I’m here for a purpose. I’m not cursed. I can make a positive impact by serving others with the skills we have learned until we finish our mission on earth.

Anderson Riché, Trinity Education Facilitator, Haiti

Each bootcamp is led by a local facilitator. Few are more outstanding than Anderson Riché in Haiti.

I have been in ministry and studied the Bible for many years but I was not aware of the lies I had been told by my society. Coram Deo lessons helped me discover these lies. In particular the lesson on the Power of the Story helped me see how the Bible, the word of God, is a worldview and how it can transform culture because it gets at the root beliefs.

Our training program has two threads – the Coram Deo training and the training in web design. I was afraid the students would only be interested in the web design, but they are very engaged in the Coram Deo discussions. They even kept emailing me about the lessons when they went on holiday break. There is something special in the lessons to keep their attention and make them want to learn more. We even added some supplemental content because they wanted to learn more.

Studying Coram Deo has also impacted my own life including the way I lead worship in my church. People tell me that because of what I now say and teach, God is working in their lives in new ways. I feel so blessed and privileged.

If you have a story to tell about how DNA teachings have impacted your life or community, we would love to hear it. You can contact us here or email us at

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