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Over the past few years Darrow’s blog on worldview and culture has continued to grow and impact individuals and churches across the world. Thanks to some volunteer Spanish translators, his most read blogs are now impacting Spanish-speakers. One of these volunteer translators is Sarai Mendez.

Sarai Mendez.

Sarai was introduced to the Disciple Nations Alliance through her friend Fiorella, another translator for the DNA. In Switzerland, Sarai heard Darrow speak at a conference. “Every single teaching he was doing was mind-blowing.” Sarai said, “In our ministry, we’re very passionate about evangelism, the arts and all of that, but we don’t have a lot of teachings about worldview.” Fiorella told Sarai about the need for translation help and Sarai started helping first with the Basics Course content.

These ideas are sorely needed in Sarai’s community. While there are a lot of debates about right and wrong, disagreements are not looked at with a Biblical perspective. “There’s a lot of talking, a lot of arguments… but there’s no lights, there’s no worldview, there’s no Bible in there,” Sarai said. She was excited to see the difference the translations will make and loved the content but came up against an unexpected problem—“I want to just stop and read them,” Sarai said. Instead of simply translating and moving on, Sarai wanted to ponder the lesson implications and what it meant to her. The lessons are so thought-provoking. “The Lord spoke to me about a lot of things in my life.” Sarai says. Every question made her think of her own life, culture, and behavior. “It was like, wow, I have never thought of that.” She also liked participating in discussions in the comments to find out what other people thought about the lesson.

Sarai looks at her own ministry differently now, not only wanting to evangelize but to teach worldview and prepare the students to face a culture that isn’t Christian.

Sarai is glad she is helping translate the blogs into Spanish. “I think it’s incredible that we’re doing this. I’m just excited. I feel honored to be part of it… We need a transformation of our minds, and so I’m happy that there are these tools and we can be part of it.”

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