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Do you want to experience enjoyment in this life? One of the keys is hidden in the first command given to us in Scripture in Genesis 1:28, “God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.” Did you know fructus in Latin means both “fruit” and “enjoyment”? Tell us if we’re wrong, but it sounds like the key to enjoyment is found in obedience to this command: “be fruitful.” In fact, this theme of fruitfulness and productive activity runs throughout the entirety of the Bible. Fruitfulness is doing the good and producing benefit for the well-being of others while simultaneously giving us deep joy and fulfillment. To hear more, join Scott Allen, Dwight Vogt, and Luke Allen as they discuss this fascinating Latin revelation further.

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"“What is a fruitful activity? It’s something bound in truth, that produces goodness, and ultimately results in beauty… And the result of that is a sense of shalom, of joy."

Dwight Vogt (53:36)

Go Deeper

The very first command in the Bible is to be “Be fruitful!” What does that mean?  Why is it central to God’s plan for our lives?

Question:  What does it mean to you to be fruitful — at your workplace, in your relationship with your family, in your eating, your exercising, your rest, at your hobby, at your school? What does it look like to be fruitful in each of these areas of life?

Check out the full podcast series: 31 Days of Worldview Wisdom with Arturo Cuba

ALSO, Dwight Vogt shares reflections on the connection between fruitfulness and enjoyment in his recent blog — “Enjoyment: The Fruit of Being Fruitful.”

Why does our worldview matter? Because it shapes what we think and do, and it shapes the world around us. When our communities and nations are filled with bitter fruit, we must examine the roots. As Christians, we are called to change the world for the better. It starts with us. We must intentionally think and act differently than the world, based on the reality of God’s Kingdom.

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Christ’s ultimate return will end our world’s ongoing conflict between two kingdoms, one of light and one of darkness. In the meantime, what is our mission as Christians in the kingdom of light? First, we need to understand that the Gospel is not merely an escape plan from the world’s turmoil but a proclamation that Jesus Christ is the risen King and Lord of the world. If He is King, we are His subjects, agents of change, and ambassadors to the kingdom of darkness. Your mission as Jesus Christ’s vice-regent is to engage in the ongoing battle against evil, armed with the power of the Holy Spirit and guided by the teachings of Jesus. It is to cultivate cultures that reflect His truth, goodness, and beauty in every aspect of your life. We do not know when the battle between light and darkness will be decisively won. But until then, believers are called to courageously proclaim the Gospel, make disciples, and create cultures that honor the King. Learn more with our free online videos and training!

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