A Game Plan for Post-Christian Cultures with Lennox Kalifungwa

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How can we really build Christ-honoring cultures these days? How should our approach be different from past generations now that we live in a time when there is often a negative perception of believers? This week’s guest, Lennox Kalifungwa from Zambia, shares practical ways we can shape cultures that reflect the truth, goodness, and beauty of God’s Kingdom. We discuss an inside-out strategy, beginning with personal transformation that extends through our relationships and vocations. It’s essential that we see ourselves as builders rather than consumers of culture, being proactive rather than reactive to culture wars, and strategically choose which issues to engage in. 

Lennox helps us consider how we can influence more than our immediate circles and reminds us of the profound impact that biblical values can make through faithful generations. Lastly, we emphasize the power of joy, laughter, and even satire for believers living in sobering times. Join us as we aim to shape cultures that align with God’s original design for humanity.

Special Guest

Lennox Kalifungwa is a writer and speaker on culture, politics, and community development from a Christian perspective. He currently resides in Lusaka, Zambia, where he is involved in numerous efforts to build a distinctly Christian culture through media and education. His work has appeared on Forbes, Zenger News, American Thinker, The Sentinel, and various other media and news outlets. Connect with Lennox on Substack, Twitter, or Instagram.

What You'll Hear

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"...being able to wield words in the right way is how we build culture."

Lennox Kalifungwa (51:56)


Joshua could be courageous to fight the battles he was called to fight not because he saw a strength or wisdom in himself or among the people around him. It’s because he knew the God he was fighting for. He believed the promises of God. And that’s where it has to begin for us as well, in recognizing who our King is, what He has commissioned us to do. – Lennox Kalifungwa [11:16]

The way we view ourselves is critical. We ought to see ourselves as culture builders and not just cultural survivors or cultural consumers. - Lennox Kalifungwa [1:03:30]

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