31 Days of Worldview Wisdom with Arturo Cuba

Are you weary of hearing about Covid-19, social unrest, and political division? Need some refreshment?

Take a break and dive into 31 days of Worldview Wisdom, a Disciple Nations Alliance podcast with Arturo Cuba. Episodes are shorter, making it accessible for many, with an average length of about 15 minutes.

From his teaching experience with rural pastors and farmers in Latin America, Arturo brings encouraging insight for every person in every culture. Arturo Cuba is one of the Disciple Nation Alliance’s earliest and most influential trainers. He has creatively discipled people in the biblical worldview in Latin America for over 20 years. In this audio series, he shares his highly practical teaching and examples of transformation.


You can also listen to “31 Days of Worldview Wisdom with Arturo Cuba” on Spotify, Buzzsprout, or look for your favorite listening platform!

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