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SSA/DNA Africa Forum 2017: Celebrating God at work in a blessed continent

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In addition to live trainings, written resources and online teaching which are available year-round, some of the most fruitful activities of the Disciple Nations Alliance are the periodic gatherings we call Forums.
Whether the Global Forum or a Regional Forum (like the Latin America Regional Forum in 2013), these events provide a space for current DNA trainers and practitioners to share the unique ways they’ve contextualized DNA teachings for their own communities, to make new connections and conceive new ideas that often lead to greater fruit in their ministries, and to pause and praise God for what he has accomplished through this network.
Co-laborers from different regions of the continent met for the first time and formed new friendships.

Nov. 6-10, at a conference center in Nairobi, 77 delegates from 14 nations were hosted by the DNA and Samaritan Strategy Africa (the local expression of the DNA).

The week began with personal and small-group prayer and reflection; then, plenary and breakout sessions included surveys of God’s work through the SSA/DNA network across the continent.
Delegates shared country-specific reports from Burundi, the DR Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Morocco, Pakistan (where African missionaries have gone), Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. It was encouraging to see how local churches are contributing to community transformation!
Long-time SSA/DNA affiliates shared their program models and stories of God at work

Others presented innovative program models incorporating SSA/DNA teachings, including Samaritan’s PurseWORK4aLivingTruth-Centered TransformationTrinity Education, actMED, a theology of disability presented by Women of Hope International, and a biblical approach to personal finance presented by Dennis Tongoi. Dwight Vogt from the secretariat office presented his new book, Made to Flourish: God’s Design for All Individuals, Communities, and Nations.

Additionally, Beatrice Langa from Uganda and Irene Tongoi from Kenya challenged the delegates with encouraging devotional messages.

Special highlight: Tanzania

It would be impossible to describe here all the wonderful things God is doing through this network in Africa. To highlight one example of what is happening across the continent: Over the past decade in Tanzania, the SSA/DNA training has gone deep and wide, reaching across many spheres of society, many regions of the nation, many organizations and church denominations, and even across religions. It is estimated that 80 percent of the provinces in Tanzania have been touched by this training in some way.
Healthier individuals, families and communities are emerging in these places as a result of people understanding and living out God’s true intentions for them.
God has blessed the hard work of the local network in Tanzania, led by Paul Kibona:
  • From 2007 to 2017, 50 people in Tanzania were trained to train others in a biblical worldview and the role of the local church in society.

  • Five regional working teams were established covering nearly the entire nation. These are in Arusha, Tanga, Morogoro, Dar-es-Salaam, and the Coast Region.

    • Each working team has a leader that coordinates bringing the Vision Conference training to churches and organizations in their region.

    • Each of the five working teams has approximately 10 trainers, many of whom are pastors and church leaders. Each of these 50 trainers can tell numerous stories of how the training has been transformational.

  • Additionally, the training has spread through some key organizations, listed below. This training is interactive and participatory. Many of the trainees have been Muslims, and some of these have become Christians.

    • The Anglican Diocese of Tanzania (2,750 people trained)

    • A network of Pentecostal churches (1,350 people trained)

    • The Vineyard church of Tanzania

    • Richard Juma’s Disciple Making Movement

    • World Vision (6,500 people trained)

    • Other organizations (360 people trained)

Click here for more photos from the SSA/DNA Africa Forum 2017. To connect with the SSA/DNA network in Africa, click here and find the key contact nearest you. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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