New book! Made to Flourish: God’s Design for All Individuals, Communities, and Nations

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We all want to progress and see life get better. We wake up in the morning and hope today is better than yesterday. Whether we’re talking about individuals or communities or nations, people want to grow and progress. This desire is wired into us.

How does the Bible and its comprehensive worldview speak to this “development” impulse…Or does it? More specifically, how does this fit into the Christian gospel? What does it mean to truly flourish, and how do we do this? What is the path to flourishing for individuals, communities, and even nations?

In Made to Flourish, DNA Vice President of International Programs Dwight Vogt responds to these questions, telling his personal story of what he has learned from reflection and experience.

Read an excerpt from Part 2, Chapter 1

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What others are saying about Made to Flourish

For those interested in the relationship between culture and human flourishing, Dwight Vogt’s book Made to Flourish is an excellent place to begin. It is written in a clear, concise, and personal manner. Dwight has over 30 years of working as a project manager, country director, and executive leader for an international development organization. One of the strengths of this book is that Dwight is telling his personal story of what he has learned from experience and reflection. Come join him on this journey. I highly recommend Made to Flourish— Darrow Miller, Author, Co-founder, Disciple Nations Alliance

Made to Flourish is a fresh, clean look at God’s good intentions for his creation and the role he invites us to enter into with him on behalf of all individuals, communities, and nations. I’ve known and worked with Dwight Vogt for more than 35 years and would expect nothing less than what he’s delivered in this short gem of a biblical and personal reflection. It’s “biblical worldview” made practical–thanks, Dwight! — Dave Conner, Ed.D., SPHR, ACC, Director of Talent Development, Duke University Development

My good friend and former colleague has written a much-needed and very poignant book on God’s whole intent for all humans to fully flourish. In the United States, reference is often made to certain evangelical churches as being “full gospel” due to their emphasis on spiritual gifts. But Dwight Vogt rightly shows what it means to be full gospel in this great treatise. I highly recommend it. — David Evans, Senior Director for Innovation, World Vision International

Dwight gently provides the wisdom revealing God’s intention for our lives and how this spreads into our community, our country, and the world that he has created. His words challenge us to live as our God created us to live, flourishing as we reflect the One whose image we bear. — Gene Mildren, President, Mildren Design Group, P.C.

Dwight Vogt gives voice to our longing for wholeness and the tension we feel between what is and what could be in society. Going back to God’s original plan for mankind, he calls us to represent the kingdom of God in every facet of modern culture. — Peggy Arendt, Member, ReachGlobal, Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA)

The beauty of Made to Flourish is that it focuses on what we, as God’s people, have been saved to. While Dwight is straightforward in presenting what we have been saved from, he also lays out what we have been saved to in a clear and compelling manner. Dwight allows us to see the key truths we need to embrace and live out in all arenas of our lives. So as citizens, workers, family members, neighbors, whatever the collection of hats one wears, Made to Flourish is a simple yet powerful call to redeem the opportunities God is giving us. — Steve Corbett, Coauthor of When Helping Hurts, Associate Professor of Community Development at Covenant College

In Made to Flourish, Dwight Vogt draws our attention back to God’s original intention for the human race. God’s heart is for all to flourish—to have wholeness and deep satisfaction. In spite of how far we have fallen, there is hope. Dwight leads us through the steps to return to God’s loving plan. — Faith Cummings, M.Div., Pastor of Women’s Ministry, Living Streams Christian Church

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