Coram Deo helps me disciple my adult children and is helping transform communities in Mexico

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Mark and Serena Dunbar are missionaries in Mexico with World Gospel Mission. Here, Mark describes fruit from the Coram Deo courses in his personal life and in the Mexican communities where he lives and works.

I thank God for Coram Deo. It is an excellent way of presenting and receiving the timeless principles of the biblical worldview. In our small denomination in Mexico, we are using it as leadership training for both pastors and lay leaders.

The Spanish version of Coram Deo has grown very rapidly in the 10 months it has been in operation. We have more than 1,400 users in 20 countries. The largest country is Colombia with around 850 people who are taking this invaluable course—we have some very passionate volunteer partners there who are promoting the DNA’s teaching. Many of the students are taking the course in small groups led by someone in their church. We do not have data on those taking the course off-line in those regions where solid internet is not a viable option.

On a personal level, I first heard about biblical worldview through Bob’s and Darrow’s books and then through a vision conference in Panama. I started using Coram Deo to help teach the vision conference in our Sunday School in Mexico.

Coram Deo helps Mark and his son-in-law have a close relationship while learning together about God’s intentions for their lives.

It quickly became much more personal when I started using the Coram Deo: Basics course and now the Monday Church course on a weekly basis with our son and son-in-law—in two different countries and three different locations.

Coram Deo provides a means for me to continue discipling my kids after they leave the nest.

The biggest impact I have seen is the slow transformation and growth of those who are allowing God to renew their minds through the biblical message of the DNA.

I have seen both church members and entire churches wake up to the fact that ministry is not limited to pastors.

The Dunbars live in Saltillo, a city close to the US border with more than 800,000 residents.

In fact, as the concept of “ministry” is broken out of the four walls of the church and corrected to mean serving our family and neighbors, I have seen people suddenly see that God is able to use them to make a difference in someone’s life. As God places specific areas of the city on hearts and minds of the churchgoers, these slums are slowly being transformed by the presence of Christ seen as barbers, nurses, teachers, and friends. It is interesting to see that no two projects look alike with the exception that they all demonstrate God’s truth and compassion.

Again, thank you for your part in putting out Coram Deo. We anticipate great things in the near future as a direct result of these lessons.

– Mark Dunbar

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